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Title:Двенадцать стульев (комедия, реж. Леонид Гайдай, 1971 г.)

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Comedy film "Twelve Chairs"

The leader of the Soviet film rental in 1971 (39.3 million viewers), an adaptation of the single novel by Ilia Ilf and Eugenia Petrov "Twelve Chairs" directed by Leonid Gaidai.

A comedy film that tells about the events of the most, perhaps, popular and beloved in the people literary hero. Ostap Bender and Ippolit Matveevich Vorobyaninov are looking for family jewels, which the late mother-in-law Vorobyaninov hid in one of the chairs of the table headset. In parallel with them, the search for treasures is carried out by the priest Father Fedor, to whom this "terrible" mystery was opened on confession. - Prize for contribution to the development of the genre of film comedy L. Gaidai at the V WCF in Tbilisi.

Director: Gaidai Leonid Iovich
Writers: Bahnov Vladlen, Gaidai Leonid Iovich, Ilf Ilia
Composer: Zatsepin Alexander

In the lead roles: Nikulin Yuri, Vorobieva Natalia, Varlei Natalia, Bogdanova-Chesnokova Glikeria, Gomiashvili Archil, Grebeshkova Nina, Pushovkin Mikhail, Rumyanova Clara, Krachkovskaya Natalia, Filippov Sergey


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