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Title:Sevish - Horizons (22-tone equal temperament)

New Sevish album is out today – sevish.bandcamp.com/album/horixens 'Horixens' is a new album of grooves and atmospheric electronic sounds. The tracks use various microtonal scales and alternative tunings. Some of the these sound familiar and subtle (such as 31edo meantone and the harmonic series) while others are more xenharmonic. Over the next few months I'll upload the other Horixens tracks to this YouTube channel. If you want to hear the whole thing right now you can grab it on Bandcamp or find it on the usual streaming services. Links are in this description. 'Horizons' is a blissed out downtempo tune in 22edo and the closing track on the album. Nerdy stuff: There are some 7th and 11th harmonics, subminor thirds, quarter tones and all that good xenharmonic stuff to listen out for. I feel happy writing in 22edo because it supports a lot of the musical tricks I want to use – patterns that aren't possible in other systems such as 12-tone equal temperament. The new possibilities often surprise me. I wonder if others can hear some certain twentytwoishness when they listen to 22edo music. Hands down tuning of all time I used ZynAddSubFX for the synths and Bitwig Studio as my DAW running on KDE Neon Linux. Play along using your qwerty keys (Scale Workshop): sevish.com/scaleworkshop/?name=22edo&data=54.54545… sevish.com/bandcamp sevish.com/spotify sevish.com/apple sevish.com/soundcloud sevish.com/deezer sevish.com/twitter sevish.com/blog sevish.com/ --- Background image 'Pluto Dunes' by Judy Schmidt Modified and re-used under Creative Commons BY 2.0 license


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