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Title:Cab ride Zürich - Bern / train drivers view in Switzerland in 4K (August 2022)

In this video you can enjoy the cab ride - train drivers view from Zürich to Bern. You can enjoy this video in the resolution 4K/60 frames per second. This journey is a part of various lines. First of them is the The Zürich–Baden railway line which is a major railway line in Switzerland connecting the cities of Zürich and Baden. It forms part of the major east-west route between Zürich and Olten. The line generally follows the south bank of the Limmat from Zürich to Baden. A new line, the Heitersberg line, opened in 1975, branches off in Killwangen-Spreitenbach and follows a more southerly route through the Heitersberg Tunnel towards Olten. The Zürich–Baden railway is electrified at 15 kV 16.7 Hz and much of it has four tracks. Second line on the way is the Heitersberg railway line (Heitersbergstrecke) which is a Swiss railway line between the stations of Killwangen-Spreitenbach and Aarau on the east-west main line between Zürich und Bern. The main structure of the line is the 4,929 metre-long Heitersberg Tunnel, which has its west portal near Mellingen and its east portal near Killwangen. The line was built in the 1970s. Third line is Olten–Aarau railway line and the fourth line is The Olten–Bern railway line which is one of the major railway lines of Switzerland, running between the major rail hub of Olten—where lines from Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lucerne and Neuchâtel come together—and the Swiss capital of Bern. Bern railway station serves the municipality of Bern, the federal city of Switzerland. Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy watching this FULL- length scenic rail trip video in 4K quality. This Relaxing Video is best watched on a 4K big-screen TV sitting on a cosy sofa or armchair. All my videos are copyrighted. Contact me for more information. Please note that the speed data is GPS based and can be very inaccurate. It might indicate a different speed than the actual speed. If you want to help make this channel even better, please consider. 🛑 www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=NLDVCNXRBV… 🛑Please Subscribe ➤ bit.ly/Relaxationt Route Info: ◎ Drive Date: August 2022 ◎ Start: Zürich HB Switzerland ◎ End: Bern Switzerland ◎ Train: Stadler Traverso SOB 206 ◎ Drive Time: 1:17 m ◎ Route: goo.gl/maps/rXbj1eCcD8i3jK4y5?entry=yt 0:00 Preview 00:54 Zürich HB 02:03 to Wipkingn 02:56 Zürich Hardbrücke 04:15 Zürich Altstetten 07:15 to Zug 08:24 Schlieren 10:06 Dietikon 10:20 to Wohlen Oberdorf 12:33 Killwangen-Spreitenbach 12:48 to Baden/Brugg 13:06 Heitersberg Tunnel (4929 m) 15:15 Mellingen Heitersberg 15:25 Fislisbach bridge 168 m 15:29 from Wettingen 15:44 Reuss bridge, Mellingen (193 m) 17:30 Mägenwil 18:32 from Brugg 18:57 Othmarsingen 19:46 to/from Rotkreuz 21:40 Lenzburg 22:05 to Suhr and Zofingen 22:20 A1 motorway 23:46 from Brugg 24:04 Rupperswil 26:27 and to Zürich via Lenzburg 26:37 Aarau 26:51 Aarau city tunnel 27:53 Eppenberg Tunnel 3.114 m 29:42 Däniken 30:59 Dulliken 32:48 to/from Basel 33:07 Olten 35:11 to/from Basel 35:29 to and from Solothurn, Biel and Geneva 38:17 Rothrist 41:18 Murgenthal 42:41 Roggwil-Wynau 45:15 Langenthal 48:15 Bahn2000 Strecke Tunnel 436 m 50:29 Herzogenbuchsee 55:33 Riedtwil, Bahnhof 57:59 Wynigen 1:01:13 Burgdorfer Tunnel 510 m 1:01:49 Emme river 55 m 1:02:24 Burgdorf 1:04:39 to Thun/Langnau 1:04:58 to Solothurn 1:06:38 Lyssach 1:08:10 Hindelbank 1:09:14 Hardfeld junction 1:10:06 Grauholz Tunnel 6.295 m 1:12:39 from Worb From Thun 1:13:29 to Lucerne 1:13:47 Wankdorf 1:14:20 from Thun and Lucerne 1:15:21 Lorraine viaduct 1.080 m 1:16:43 Bern Thanks for watching and have a great day! #CabRide#Train#switzerland


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