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Title:THE SAD END OF JENNIE CRAMER - From New Haven Connecticut.

After he killed her, they all had a party. 🔵 Check out our New "ADDITIONAL" channel exploring the Paranormal realms. It is called "INTANGIBLE QUESTS" - /channel/UCXjKXdD5p0hKDz6SKieqjfQ Paranormal & Metaphysical Research / No Sensationalism. We are on the hunt to discover the truths of the paranormal regions. We believe that spiritual energies exist, but we look at everything transparently and with a skeptic's eye. Come along and join us, as we journey into the unknown - with objective views and eyes wide open. ~ Ron and Brittan ~ 🟢 MERCH - Sweatshirts, T-shirts & Mugs - facesoftheforgotten.itemorder.com/shop/sale/ 🟢 Connect up on Faces' INSTAGRAM to see SEMI-LIVE Video & Images at the SCENE, as we produce upcoming episodes: www.instagram.com/facesofthoseforgotten/ 🟢 LET'S HELP BUY GRAVESTONES FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT. Consider helping support this channel, because sadly, sometimes I come across a known grave location with no marker, and sometimes I have bought that person a gravestone. Your donations here can help offset some of these costs. We have some folks already helping to build a pot for this. Let's try to make some of those names forgotten - remembered. HERE IS WHERE TO DONATE: 🔵 PATREON MONTHLY PLEDGE - www.patreon.com/facesoftheforgotten - or - 🔵 Make a ONE TIME DONATION - www.paypal.com/donate?business=6ZBCL7Y632H3J&item_… THIS STORY: At daybreak on Saturday morning, August 6, 1881, a fisherman found the lifeless body of a young woman floating by the West Haven, Connecticut, shoreline. She was Jennie Cramer, the twenty-year-old daughter of a German immigrant and his wife, who lived in nearby New Haven. Jennie's death shocked the city, for she was well known for her beauty and high spirits, especially among local young men. One of her most persistent admirers was James Malley Jr., nephew of wealthy dry goods store owner Edward Malley. Did he do it? MUSIC: Copyright paid for at this site: Pond5, LINK: www.pond5.com/ Song 1 - "026196738-searching-past-wp-03-alt2-myst" Song 2 - "012420398-music-box-reflection-sad-cinem" Song 3 - "000882011-voices-spring-waltz-strauss-op" THIS CHANNEL: _________________________________________________________ The Angel face you see is the Haserot, named “The Angel of Death Victorious". The stoic angel is seated on the marble gravestone of canning entrepreneur Francis Haserot and his family. Holding an extinguished torch upside-down, it represents a symbol of life extinguished. Wings are outstretched and the gaze is straight ahead. IN THE END, DEATH ALWAYS WINS. LEST THE FACES NOT BE FORGOTTEN... This channel is focused on casually walking and viewing a handful of the thousands of forgotten names and faces at various cemeteries near and afar. Seeing their faces up close. And when able, telling the stories behind their names. Most graves are unknown and lost to history. Some are famous. And some infamous.... ....and some with tragic endings. #graves #cemeteries #death


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