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Title:Yaar Annmulle Full HD Movie | Arya Babbar | Yuvraj Hans | Harish Verma | Jividha Ashta |

On his first day at university, Sher Singh (Harish Verma) meets his roommate Deep Sondhi (Yuvraj Hans). Their third roommate Guru (Arya Babbar) rudely inspects their belongings. Sher Singh admits he isn't fluent in English. Deep reveals that he's there because it's close to home and his mom. When Sher and Deep are threatened by ragging (hazing) by Saabu, Guru saves them. Bonding before bed, Sher and Deep agree to make the best of their time at university, particularly looking for girls. At a lecture, Sher is attracted to the voice of a student, Priyanka (Jenny Ghottra), but mispronounces her name as Prinka. The next girl, Amandeep Kaur Man (Kajal Jain), is from the same city as Deep. Discussing Amandeep, Sher and Deep attract their teacher's attention, who makes them introduce themselves. Next is Simarpreet Kaur Dhillon (Jividha Astha), a class topper and confident that she will be again. The teacher reveals that Guru's been failing his class since two years. Guru makes a fool of the teacher. Later, Sher tries to catch sight of Prinka's face but fails. Again, Sher and Deep are threatened with ragging, but Guru fights off their attackers, but Guru is threatened with rustication. Guru's father berates him for making trouble, and tells him to mend his ways or receive nothing. Sher and Deep discover that Guru is angry because of a girl. Saabu and his friends beat Guru but Sher and Deep stop the fight. The three roommates bond. The three guys try to bunk off a lecture but Simarpreet calls the teacher's attention, who throws them out. Sher finally catches sight of Priyanka's face. They become friends. Simarpreet is top of the class but the three guys receive poor grades. Simarpreet tells them off for not taking any of this seriously. Deep discovers that Guru writes poetry to forget the girl in his past. At the university festival, Deep performs a song based on Guru's poetry, showing the real Guru. Guru runs out, watched by Simarpreet. She apologises to Guru for her behavior and he accepts. The three boys meet Deep's mom, who reveals that Deep went to school with Amandeep. Deep tells Guru and Sher that he loves Amandeep but he's never told her. Sher drives Priyanka to a date. When they arrive, she tells him that she's there for her first date with Saabu. Sher was just her ride and they have nothing in common. Sher pines after Priyanka, and Guru reveals to Simarpreet that he feels responsible. But Simarpreet knows that Saabu is cheating on Priyanka, and they engineer Saabu's downfall. Priyanka regrets how she fell for the wrong guy but she didn't finish her final assignment; Sher overhears. The teacher reveals that Sher was the only one who didn't submit. Sher will have to retake the whole year or leave. Priyanka catches Deep and Guru, looking for Sher. Guru tells her that she didn't deserve Sher's friendship. Priyanka finds him at the train station and apologizes. He forgives her. Guru finds Simarpreet and thanks her, but she asks Guru for a relationship. He accepts. When Guru's father discovers them, he asks why Guru is with her. Guru loves her and he wants to marry her. Guru's father wants to know more about her family. Simarpreet agrees but she tells him she loves Guru for his intelligence. She swears that Guru will pass this year as proof of their love. Guru clears away all the time-pass in their room. Deep discovers Amandeep's shaadi card, announcing her arranged marriage. The guys convince Deep to tell her how much he loves her. She says that she knew, but it's too late. Amandeep's brothers find them and they beat up Deep. Guru and Sher run to Deep's aid but Saabu gets in the way. Guru and Sher eventually defeat him. Delayed, they get to the hospital with Deep's mom. When Deep wakes up, he thanks them but Amandeep is still getting married. Guru says they'll go. At Amandeep's wedding, Deep takes her hand, angering her family. Amandeep's father asks if she loves Deep. She does, so he agrees to their marriage. On the final exam, Amandeep and Deep get the same results; Sher does better than Priyanka; and Guru's father thanks Simarpreet for bringing Guru back to him. Simarpreet offers to improve Guru's marks but all that Guru's father wants is to see her as a bride. Two years later, on graduation, the guys reflect on their time at university. When the girls arrive, they pair up and leave for the farewell party.


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