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Title:O.W.L.준비하는 호그와트 학생들 필독!●마법시험 뽀모도로 타이머 ASMR | 50/10, 8과목 (마법부 인증!)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Hello, my witch, and wizard mates. How is your O.W.L studying week going? I started to build this timer for myself to study, but you know, I'm pretty acquisitive, so I kept upgrading it. I JUST wanted to make the best work-- and now I have the MMC stamp on it! (MMC:Ministry of Magic Certification) (Therefore, be cautious not to use the other timers without any certification) Mrs. Granger invited me! Merlin's Beard! She said she loves my work! (I'm totally sure that this is the best experience for those who ever have admired Mrs.Granger!) The timer is set for 8 loops; it is divided into 50 minutes of working and 10 minutes of resting. I built this structure in regard to the real exam structure and order. It will help you to take the mock tests as well. I was inspired by 'Pomodoro technique'; it is famous among Muggles' students. You should focus for at least 50 minutes on your work even if your mates ask you to hang out at the Hogsmeade! When the owl calls after 50 minutes' studying, then you can take a break for 10 minutes. The whole timer is operated on to repeat this 8 times! I suggest you prepare 8 new arrival sweets at Honeydukes and open it up one by one at every break time, as likely as unwrapping the Christmas presents! I additionally put the ASMR for four different main themes to compose a more comfortable atmosphere. The first theme is the crackling sound of thousands of candle lights and torches in the Great Hall, the test place of O.W.L. Well, isn't there a bunch of students having a chat usually in the Great Hall? The sound effect will also make you concentrate enough, but pre-adjusting at an extremely quiet exam hour will help you, too. Oh, the soundtrack I recorded secretly was a huge trend for Muggle students for studying. The second one is the gentle rain sound from the Gryffindor Common Room. I recorded this on my bed on a rainy day, and the clattering sound of raindrops falling on the windows was really relaxing. I often listen to it when I'm studying. For the third theme, I went to the Hagrid's Hut and recorded the sound of a burning fireplace. Thankfully, since Mr. Hagrid moved the fantastic beasts in his hut to outside, I was able to only record the fireplace sound, Phew! As you know, some people might be disturbed by the growling or crying or screeching or calling of fantastic beasts when they are studying. Mr. Hagrid was an excellent expert at handling fire, so you can hear stable and classy crackling fireplace air. The last one is a heavy rain sound and thunder; I made a sound track at the Astronomy Tower. It was thundering moderately, not too loud, and not too quiet, hence it will not disturb you with dramatic sound effects. You can concentrate deeply for your exam! It is a little bit out of track, the Astronomy Tower is my favourite place in Hogwarts and I finished one book while I was recording this. As I selected the sound effects deliberately and thoughtfully for the best ones, all the soundtracks are pleasantly listenable for everybody. I'm clear as a Demiguise in hiding that you will enjoy them. If you are disturbed by a certain sound, then you can move on to the other part or just mute it and listen to a sound effect or music you like along with this timer. Oops, I almost missed it... Remember, do not tell any professors... I eavesdropped that the anti-cheating quill for O.W.L this year is made from peacock feathers. I got this gen from the MoM when last time I went there. (MoM: Ministry of Magic) If you get used to the quill before the exam, then you can have a more balanced writing technique during the exam. In the name of Merlin, good luck on all my Hogwarts! Although we still have one left, nastily insane N.E.W.T, I hope you guys do your best for this exam. I will make another timer for seventh graders for your N.E.W.T someday. Have a wonderful day! It would be such a pleasure if this will help you as much as the effort I put in this timer. Tell your wizard mates about this timer! Translated by Sadie Kim This is Harry Potter fanfiction written by myself. Timestamps : 00:00:00 Charms / Fire pits, The Great Hall 00:50:02 Break 01:00:03 Transfiguration / Rain on window, The Gryffindor Dormitory 01:50:06 Break 02:00:07 Herbology / Fireplace, Hagrid's Hut 02:50:10 Break 03:00:10 Defence Against the Dark Art / Thunder and Rain, The Astronomy Tower 03:50:13 Break 04:00:14 Ancient Runes / Fireplace, Hagrid's Hut 04:50:17 Break 05:00:17 Potions / Rain on window, The Gryffindor Dormitory 05:50:20 Break 06:00:21 Astronomy / Thunder and Rain, The Astronomy Tower 06:50:24 Break 07:00:24 History of Magic / Fire pits, The Great Hall 07:50:28 Break


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