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Title:Dizziness and Vertigo, Part I - Research on Aging

(02:52 - Kimberley Bell, DPT) Each year millions of people go to the doctor because of dizziness. Dr. Kimberley Bell, DPT hosts a panel of experienced clinicians to explore the multi-factorial causes of dizziness and vertigo, and offer strategies and tips to find relief. The neurological and vestibular causes of dizziness and vertigo are discussed. [4/2017] [Show ID: 31372] Part 2 of this talk can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFnj0... 00:00 Start 02:52 Kimberley Bell, DPT Please Note: Knowledge about health and medicine is constantly evolving. This information may become out of date. More from: Stein Institute for Research on Aging (www.uctv.tv/stein) Explore More Health & Medicine on UCTV (www.uctv.tv/health) UCTV features the latest in health and medicine from University of California medical schools. Find the information you need on cancer, transplantation, obesity, disease and much more. Explore More Science & Technology on UCTV (www.uctv.tv/science) Science and technology continue to change our lives. University of California scientists are tackling the important questions like climate change, evolution, oceanography, neuroscience and the potential of stem cells. UCTV is the broadcast and online media platform of the University of California, featuring programming from its ten campuses, three national labs and affiliated research institutions. UCTV explores a broad spectrum of subjects for a general audience, including science, health and medicine, public affairs, humanities, arts and music, business, education, and agriculture. Launched in January 2000, UCTV embraces the core missions of the University of California -- teaching, research, and public service – by providing quality, in-depth television far beyond the campus borders to inquisitive viewers around the world. (www.uctv.tv/)


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