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Title:Optical Illusion Cutting Board // How I Made It

I walk you through my process of how I built this massive end grain cutting board out of 2" thick maple & walnut. A couple hiccups along the way, but the finished board turned out great! Make sure to subscribe for more custom woodworking videos. If you'd like to see what else I've built, head over to my website and check out the gallery where I have pictures of all my past projects. If you'd like to own this or another custom, handcrafted board, check out the shop while you're there! To see what I’m working on right now, make sure to follow me on Instagram. Thanks for watching! **Missed a detail: At 1:23, I cut the maple the same as the walnut; into 22" pieces.** ▶️ Want to support this channel? SHOP BOARDS: www.westcoastboards.ca/shop-1 PAYPAL: bit.ly/3NOhbBO CRYPTO: bit.ly/3u6Zx4s ▶️ Follow me Instagram: www.instagram.com/westcoastboards/ TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@westcoastboards ▶️ More of my videos 3D Patterned Coffee Table y2u.be/npjxCYLcuFs From Barrel to Butcher Block y2u.be/uiu0Hkd6mb0 3D Patterned Cutting Board y2u.be/Jrh_g79Rzh0 0:00 Intro 0:47 Milling lumber 4:42 First cut list 6:03 First pattern assembly 7:06 First glue up 9:12 Prep for 2nd glue up 10:38 Second glue up 12:06 Flatten glued up panels 13:48 Whoopsie 14:13 Crosscut end grain strips 15:17 Rip end grain strips 15:58 Second cut list 16:17 Final pattern assembly 16:47 Final glue up 18:43 Flatten in router sled 19:31 Initial sanding 20:24 Squaring up 21:03 Sanding 22:30 Oiling 23:17 First wax 23:41 Install feet 24:09 Final wax & finale Links to Tools & Products I use: Freud Glue Line Rip Blade: amzn.to/3iW1gE5 Diablo 80 Tooth Fine Finish Blade: amzn.to/3AOU1Up GRR-RIPPER 3D Push Block: amzn.to/3xVopuF Gravity Heel Kit For GRR-RIPPER: amzn.to/3D08oHI RZ Dust Mask: amzn.to/3gaYLMy Clark’s Cutting Board Oil: amzn.to/3md5d9C Clark’s Cutting Board Wax: amzn.to/2UrKHX7 Clark’s Large Applicator: amzn.to/3g7cN1B Clark’s Round Applicator: amzn.to/37Ynu1L 3M BlueTooth Hearing Protection: amzn.to/2VVVB8v Rockler Bench Cookies: amzn.to/2VWuuKw Cutting Board Feet I Use: amzn.to/2W3FaGy Featherboard: amzn.to/3xTL2iT Digital Angle Gauge: amzn.to/2W49UHZ Silicone Glue Brush Rockler: amzn.to/3yZumrH Painter’s Pyramids: amzn.to/3k5144Q Framing Square: amzn.to/3iXIFrn Metric Tape Measure Stanley: amzn.to/2XvzKox Router Flattening Bit Freud: amzn.to/3CZu9qM Pipe Clamp ¾” Bessey: amzn.to/3iV9KLL F-Style clamps Bessey: amzn.to/3k2KhPL Titebond III Glue: amzn.to/37OE44p Camera Tripod: amzn.to/2XCxT1q Iphone Tripod Mounting Bracket: amzn.to/3m8pptb Belt Sander Makita 4”x24” : amzn.to/3g95WEY Planer 13” Dewalt: amzn.to/3xVNe9N Planer Knives: amzn.to/3g7fD6L


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