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Title:Corrupt Bibles = Corrupt Doctrines (but handle with grace) | Grace Life Podcast | Joel & Friends

[Tuesday Morning Podcast, 6/21/22] Come join Joel & his MAD BAD friends as they talk about living the grace life! PTL! (Click “SHOW MORE”) WOO HOO! ORDER JOEL’S BOOK, “EMPOWERED BY HIS GRACE!” t.ly/p0qA | If you’d like to order bulk copies, email Randy at randy@trusthousepublishers.com Check out Greg Resor’s Digital Radio Station! Grace Messages 24/7! t.ly/uOuH Stock up on grace books! Berean Bible Society t.ly/EXZA | Forgotten Truths t.ly/fgCt | Dispensational Publishing House t.ly/X3tx | Parsons Publishing t.ly/fPxB | Grace Life Press t.ly/DQw8 Join the ministry! Sign up for Grace School of the Bible t.ly/haX4 | Berean Bible Institute t.ly/R2U9 | or the tuition-free Grace Bible Institute in TX t.ly/h0Jo Find a Grace Church near you: t.ly/EMb3 Support the Mission Field – Grace Beyond Borders t.ly/w61a Take David Reid’s Gospel Quiz! t.ly/DwpW Download Joel’s 5,000+ Grace Books, Articles, and Charts (5 gigs): t.ly/icez Support the FBC Ministry: t.ly/bJCr --------------------------------------- Grace Articles: June Berean Searchlight t.ly/oNMb June “Just A Minute” newsletter t.ly/61y8 Joel contributes to the Supply of Grace website! t.ly/W06T | Latest article: Torah Obersvant Christians t.ly/EiDn Shawn Brasseaux on Godly Fathers t.ly/1HVc | Psa. 110:1 t.ly/dSvX Bob Picard on Writer’s Block t.ly/3_i7 Josh Strelecki on the Unspeakable Gift of Redemption t.ly/7wSe Rod Jones talks about Spiritual Fathers t.ly/B_Xh Ricky Kurth on Our Loved Ones in Heaven t.ly/sJAH C.R. Stam on Grace Today and Tomorrow t.ly/CuiY | Who’s Been Good to Whom? t.ly/hOqL | The New Creation t.ly/xrAm | Is God Dead? t.ly/04Sn A Few Grace Videos: Bryan & Becky Ross have a podcast! t.ly/jfR9 | Latest Episode: Self, Mindset, and Business: t.ly/LuD7 | Plus, TTR Playlist t.ly/KYWI | Plus-plus, What a Difference a Day Makes: A Lesson From the Book of Numbers About the Need to Rightly Divide t.ly/s42x David Reid’s EPIC Q&A Playlist: t.ly/psNM | Why Are We Here? t.ly/HL5J Check out the messages from last weekend’s Bluegrass Conference: t.ly/tJjn Live Stream’s of this week’s BBF Conference: t.ly/QRwj Karl R. Coates now has a podcast! t.ly/DceK | Music t.ly/6XBe | Charlie McQuillan now has a podcast called “Crucified”! t.ly/ukIt | Josh Strelecki also has a podcast called “Holy Appetizer” t.ly/RDyg | See Also t.ly/PAHh Alex Kurz on Paul’s Prosperity Promise t.ly/fs5- Mike Moriarty’s Father’s Day Message t.ly/_c4b Fred asks Hath God Cast Away His People? t.ly/sbv4 Steve Ross asks Who Hath Bewitched You t.ly/ixpx Bob Picard continues his series on Jonah t.ly/bkQZ Josh Strelecki says he Will Not Be Brought Under the Power of Any t.ly/-fRH | In Whom We Have Redemption t.ly/cqrP4 Greg Willis on Rom. 9 t.ly/ZT1I Des Strydom talks about Sufficient Grace t.ly/LPQc David O’Steen talks Acts 15 t.ly/Z5LA Robert Bell says to Peace Out t.ly/MhER Randy White talks about A Man’s Job t.ly/-3Xr Ricky III on Rom. 12:1-2 t.ly/3ekb | Satan’s Church: Who’s Taken Captive? t.ly/Vi_F Don Hosfeld t.ly/DO_o | t.ly/5qvL Kevin Hobbs t.ly/qc-P | t.ly/zFtN John Verstegen t.ly/fZuN Steve Atwood t.ly/vtgO Les Feldick t.ly/M0G1 Transformed by Grace episodes with Kevin Sadler t.ly/9UQy Message of Grace t.ly/afdD | t.ly/6zQt | t.ly/oEbN6 --------------------------------------- FBC on Social Media: Connect with Pastor Joel! FB: t.ly/PaTC | Twitter: t.ly/dle9 | Parler: t.ly/Nv57 | Gab: t.ly/XFQh | Minds: t.ly/xeDN | MeWe: t.ly/OWcF | Gettr t.ly/nhOT Connect with Pastor Fred! FB: t.ly/2XXl Connect with Pastor Hal! FB: t.ly/iGhO Connect with Fellowship Bible Church! FB: t.ly/OEFS | Odysee: t.ly/ZrhH From the FBC Website: Got Eternal Life? t.ly/EHSR Support the Ministry: t.ly/bJCr This is EPIC: free Grace Goodies: t.ly/dPRk Come join us! We’re really friendly. t.ly/VmxM Grace & Peace! -Joel


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