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Title:Эстония: самая развитая страна бывшего СССР | Стартапы, электронная демократия и лесные братья

I also have a channel for my English-speaking audience! Subscribe now and watch my videos dubbed in English: vrlmv.com/HLJkPq Estonia is the most prosperous country of the former USSR. It has real democracy, a high human development index and the best GDP per capita in the former Soviet Union. People here have long been voting online, there is no corruption, and you can do business in heavenly conditions. But is it all so good? And why in this fairytale are Soviet monuments demolished with scandals, forest brothers are considered heroes, and Russian residents complain about repressions? Or is it all just Russian propaganda? I went to Estonia to look into this and bring you a new film from the series about the former republics of the USSR. And what are you waiting for? Support the channel: Patreon: vrlmv.com/4acT9L Support with crypto: nowpayments.io/donation/varlamov Timestamps: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:02:24 How Estonia turned out to be a republic of the USSR 00:08:59 Occupation Museum 00:14:20 World War II 00:16:00 Who are the forest brothers? 00:17:05 Bronze Soldier monument scandal 00:21:36 Maarjamägi castle and Soviet monuments 00:31:15 The difference between Estonia and the rest of the USSR 00:31:50 Sergey Dovlatov in Tallinn 00:33:10 Estonian architecture and landscaping 00:42:40 Contribution to Soviet pop culture 00:48:58 Estonian Song Festival 00:51:29 Finnish TV 00:55:50 Anti-Soviet protests in Tartu 00:57:20 Renovation in Tartu 01:00:19 KGB Museum 01:01:07 Estonian Popular Front 01:02:40 Estonian independence 01:04:50 Relations between Russia and Estonia 01:15:00 Russian language in Estonia 01:20:04 Democracy in Estonia 01:21:37 Non-citizens of Estonia 01:28:37 Soviet architectural heritage 01:37:20 Hara bay military base 01:39:50 Estonia ferry crash 01:41:06 Sillamäe - Soviet nature reserve 01:45:00 Estonian Narva and Russian Ivangorod 02:03:51 Weaving factory in Krenholm 02:06:00 Estonian economy 02:11:37 Kohtla-Jarve - Estonian Donbass 02:17:08 Viivikonna mining village 02:18:48 Tallinn Machine Building Plant 02:20:06 IT sector boom 02:23:51 What is the pride and strength of Estonia? 02:27:10 E-government and electronic document management 02:29:33 Nostalgia for the USSR 02:33:15 Conclusion


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