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Title:Training of Para SF Commando | Toughest Military Training in India | Veer by Discovery

To become a Para SF commando, soldiers have to go through one of the toughest military training in India. Watch this documentary from Veer by Discovery to see the 36 hours stress test for Para Special Forces. पैरा एसएफ कमांडो बनने के लिए, सैनिकों को भारत में सबसे कठिन सैन्य प्रशिक्षण में से एक के माध्यम से गुजरना होता है। वीर बाइ डिस्कवरी द्वारा प्रस्तुत इस डॉक्युमेंटरी में देखें कि पैरा स्पेशल फोर्स के लिए 36 घंटे का तनाव परीक्षण टेस्ट में कैसे उन्हे बिना खाए पीये और सिर्फ़ 2 घंटे के नींद के साथ लगातार 36 घंटे तक ट्रैनिंग करनी होती है। In the 36 hours stress test during Para SF training, commandos are tested beyond their physical limits and mental fears. They are kept sleep deprived with only 2 hours of sleep. The commandos are tested with a continuous series of grueling exercise, a simulated battle situation. And when the body starts giving up, they have to do a speed march of 10 KM with a 30 KG battle load and their personal weapons. Apart from specialized weapons training and tactical warfare training, the commandos in Para Special Forces training are put through a tremendous amount of physical and psychological stress. Subscribe to our channel to see more amazing facts and experiences about Indian Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces from Discovery India: http://bit.ly/VEERbyDiscovery HAWS: High Altitude Warfare School: http://bit.ly/HAWS-HighAltitudeWarfar... Watch how the soldiers of the Indian Army are trained at HAWS campus to become mountain warriors of India. General And His Son: http://bit.ly/GeneralAndHisSon-FullEp... Watch the Military Life Lessons taught by Lt. General Singha to his millennial son Harman, check out as they embark upon this fascinating new journey. Indian Air Force Academy: http://bit.ly/IndianAirforceAcademy-F... Watch the journey of Air Force Academy cadets from their civilian days to training and becoming the guardians of skies Indian Submariners: http://bit.ly/BreakingPointIndianSubm... Watch Harman Singha as he gets trained by Naval Experts and Journeys into the Blue in Indian Submarine. Watch which Videos were trending last week on Veer By Discovery: http://bit.ly/TopVideosOfTheWeek Check out the documentaries on how Indian Commandos are trained from Veer by Discovery: http://bit.ly/TrainingOfParaSFCommando Check out the Training, Sports and Daily Routine of cadets in National Defence Academy: http://bit.ly/LifeInNationalDefenceAc... Watch the Documentaries on Wars fought by Indian Army and the stories of their Bravery: http://bit.ly/IndianArmy-MissionsAndWars Check out videos of some of the most commendable operations carried out by Indian Army: Operation Taj - Mumbai terrorist attacks: http://bit.ly/MumbaiTerroristAttack Operation Meghdoot - Life of Indian soldiers on Siachen: http://bit.ly/IndianArmyOnSiachen Maldives Crisis: http://bit.ly/MaldivesCrisisOperation... Yemen Rescue: http://bit.ly/OperationRaahat-YemenRe... Ready to know some interesting facts about Indian Army, check out below Videos: http://bit.ly/IndianMilitaryDidYouKnow http://bit.ly/MakingOfaSoldier http://bit.ly/MilitaryKiDictionary Other Discovery India Channels Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DiscoveryCha... Twitter: https://twitter.com/DiscoveryIN Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/discoverych... Veer by Discovery is India’s first dedicated digital channel for the Indian Armed Forces. This is a documentary on Para SF training in Indian Army.


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