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Title:Fighter ✘ Tutor ► I miss you, I’m sorry [BL]

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song: I miss you, I’m sorry by Gracie Abrams
series: WHY R U The Series
couple's real names: Zee - Saint
coloring: mine
editing software: sony vegas


For those who read my discussion, they know what I'm about to say lol. I hate this video, like double hate it. I seriously struggled making it. I was working on it since Friday and I kept replaying it over and over again because I wanted to make it makes sense somehow. I loved the song so much but now after hearing it for the 682735678 time. I can not stand it anymore loll. (to top it all it took 3 hours and forty minutes to render, like why) Anyway, I'm really really glad I finished it because I wanted to give up on it so much.

I just want to say zee is an amazing actor and I cried rivers watching him cry. He seriously blew my mind away in this series. I kept falling for him more and more in each episode. I hope he gets the recognition he deserves.





-I only know how to edit, nothing else belongs to me

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