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Title:LIFE BEYOND: Chapter 1. Alien life, deep time, and our place in cosmic history (4K)

Get the soundtrack: https://bit.ly/345n0nf
Support this project on Patreon: http://patreon.com/melodysheep​ | The biggest question of our time. Are we alone? Chapter 1 of this experience takes you to alien worlds and distant places in time and space, in search of where alien life might be hiding and what our place is within the history of life. After generations of wondering, the truth is finally within our reach. New research and technologies have brought us closer than ever to an answer - only a few decades in the eyes of some NASA scientists.

The search has led to new discoveries that will blow your mind wide open and give a profound new perspective on human life. The deeper we look, the deeper we see into nature's imagination, and the more we learn about ourselves. I hope stewing on these thoughts tickles your brain as deeply as it does mine.

In upcoming chapters of Life Beyond we will explore making contact with intelligent life, the potential physics of alien biology, how to survive the end of the universe, and more. Follow and support my creative journey on Patreon: http://patreon.com/melodysheep

Big thanks to Protocol Labs for their support of this creation: https://protocol.ai/

And to my friend Julius Horsthuis for the far future civilization visuals near the end. Check out his amazing work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMS32...

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I wanted to follow up Timelapse of the Future with a more optimistic perspective of human life and our place in the history of the universe. We really do live in a privileged moment and we have a remarkable opportunity to shape the future. Finding alien life will contextualize our own existence, and open our eyes to what else nature has dreamt up beyond our ourselves, potentially bestowing huge breakthroughs in science, technology, and philosophy.

Concept, music & visuals by Melodysheep
Featuring the voices of Douglas Rain, David Christian, Michelle Thaller, Orson Welles, Andrew Siemion, Dan Werthimer, Avi Loeb, Ellen Stofan, and Lawrence Krauss.

Additional visuals by Julius Horsthuis, Konstantin Kovalenko, NASA, Evolve

Thanks to: Juan Benet, Julius Horsthuis, Konstantin Kovalenko, Avi Loeb, and to my Patreon Supporters:

John Maier (maierux.com), Ali Akin Kurnaz, Alina Sigaeva, Amal Isaac, Anastasiia Kliakhina, Antoine C, Bhisham Mahtani, Brandon Sanders, Bryan Sands, Calcifer, Case K., Chris Becker, Colin, Cozza38, Crystal, Danaos Christopoulos, Daniel Hudson, Dave LeCompte, Dave & Debbie Boswell, David Minguez, Derick Yan, Diego Camacho, Eico Neumann, Ezri Dax, Gaetan Marras, Geekiskhan, Giulia Carrozzino, Hakon A. Hjortland, Heribert Breidsamer, Holly Boswell, Jeremy Kerwin, Jimpy, Jorge Ruz, JoursterL, Julio, Kalexan, Kody Cotterill, Laine Boswell, Lars Støttrup Nielsen, Laura, Leo Botinelly, Leonard van Vilet, lloll887, Markus Oinonen, Matthew Jacoby, Matthew Ullrich, Maxime Marois, Michael Li, Michelle Wilcox, Mike Norkus, Mitchel Mattera, Nathan Paskett, Nathanial Dre Barinestein, Nicholas Martin, Nina Barton, Patrick, Preston Maness, Radu Chichi, Radu Turcan, Randall, redruMKO, Richard Williams, Robbie Casenta, Robin Kuenkel, Rodrigo Sambade Saá, Sandra, Sean Tham, Sebastien Descy, Silas Rech, Stefan Stettner, Tessa Haagenson, The Cleaner, Timothy E Plum, Virtual_271, Yannic, ZAB, Zann.

Stay tuned for more chapters of LIFE BEYOND and more experiences like this. Peace and love,


Insta: @melodysheep_
Twitter: @musicalscience

Voice Sources

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Lawrence Krauss: Life, the Universe, and Nothing: A Cosmic Mystery Story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQL2q...

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