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Title:BTS & GOT7 ♥ #1

P.s. when jackson got kicked out by rm, he gave the got7 name thing to rm and rm held it throughout bts's reaction to their stage :) really cute actually any group with another group interaction is cute ahhhh --- this turned out to be a more funny moment thing than an 'oh my god my heart' video. when bts and got7 are together.. ah JUST MAKES ME HAPPY (i was working with headphones so im sorry, but the volume is probably low) video is blocked in south korea and a claimant monetised this. sorry :( igotarmy forever. literally the only 2 groups i know and stan i tried to fit some dank memes, but i felt that it didnt really work out. (originally, i intended to put it at the end) I DID MANAGE TO FIT IN 2 MEMES WOO and sorry some of the texts dont fit in the screen -jinyoung looked so tiny what the heck? have i never realized this before or is it because he was next to youngjae and jackson? hahahah also THOSE DESCRIPTIONS FOR THAT MAMA THING... vocal monster hahahah. did gotbangtan make those descriptions themselves? i love it but youngjae is main vocal though :(( this is really late, but get well soon jackson ♥ i miss him. aghh ---- and now... prepare for a wave of replies p.s. thank you for watching my videos. it means a lot. these are always for you guys :) strong power thank you P.P.S. I WAS IN THE CAR, AND BEFORE THIS, I HEARD ABOUT ONE OF TORONTO'S RADIO STATIONS PLAYING BTS MIXED WITH ANOTHER SONG, SO I WAS LOOKING FOR THAT STATION (stupid me cause i dont live in toronto) AND OF COURSE, THE SIGNAL WAS TERRIBLE. i was fine with it; i didn't expect to hear bts anyways, BUT THEN BUT THEN BUT THENNNN I SWITCHED THE RADIO TO ONE OF THE STATIONS FROM WHERE I LIVE AND BAM: 'NO NOT TODAY GEU TTAEGA' oh my god. i had a mini heart attack. anyways, story time over. WHT A WHIRLWIND OF EMOTIONS DJ WHOEVER YOU ARE (you are awesome), I WILL BE ANTICIPATING A NEVER EVER REMIX ----- please dont re-upload or cut the video :) thank you credits to all the people who filmed the fancams, people who did eng and also portuguese subs (which i couldnt really translate due to my basic spanish skills and spanish is not portuguese anyways so im sorry! also hi brazil), creators of the memes, n4v3r, and etc. Song: Smyang Piano- Confession of a Butterfly (BTS- Butterfly & GOT7- Confession Song piano mashup) my descriptions are always so long. did anyone make it


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