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Title:Goundamani Very Rare Comedy Collection#Nonstop Bagyaraj Comedys#Funny Video Comedys

Goundamani Very Rare Comedy Collection#Nonstop​ Bagyaraj Comedys#Funny​ Video Comedys
Subramaniyan Karuppaiya (born 25 May 1939)[1], known by his stage name Goundamani,[2] is an Indian film actor and legendary Tamil comedian.[3] He is known for his comic duo partnership in Tamil films with fellow actor Senthil.[4] He was called Countermani after acting as a Gounder in one of his early day dramas and the pseudonym stuck with him forever.[5][2] He has the ability to give counter dialogues on the spot and off the script on stage and during shooting but it has nothing to do with his screen name, contrary to popular belief (as counter is a term that was popular only from late 2000's).[6] So far, he has acted in over 310 films.
Goundamani was born as Subramaniyan in Vallakundapuram, a village near Udumalaipettai in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.[2] His father is Karuppaiya and mother Annammal. He is married to Shanthi and has 2 children.[7][8]

On having interest in acting, he went to Chennai and initially started acting in theatre dramas and then entered into the Tamil film industry due to his strong theatrical background.[2] Kavundamani has played lead roles in a few films during his career, but is predominantly a supporting actor playing comedy roles. While performing roles of a solo comedian in films, he often co-starred with Senthil to form a comedy duo. The pair was described as "Tamil cinema's Laurel and Hardy" and have performed slapstick humour in several Tamil films from the mid-1980s until the early 2000s. After recuperating from diabetes and respiratory illnesses during the late 2000s, he featured in Vaaimai and also played the lead role in 49-O, which began productions in 2013. It was directed by debutant Arokiadoss, a former assistant of Gautham Vasudev


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