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Title:25가지 집밥 모음ㅣ3년간 만든 집밥 중 맛있는 요리만 모은 영상

Please turn on CC in the video settings for subtitles! ❤ Hello everyone! I had a heating job in my house this week, so it was difficult to shoot a video. 🥲 So I prepared a cooking collection video! You can refer to the recipe as you would a cookbook! :) Instead, I'll be back next week with a more interesting daily video! Have a relaxing weekend! Thank you 🧡 📍 Cooking List ㅇ Rice 00:36 Eggplant rice Bowl 05:04 Salmon pot rice 08:08 Red pepper tuna bibimbap 17:35 Avocado Egg Rice 38:35 Fried vegetable rice Bowl ㅇ Pasta 02:35 Mushroom Miso Pasta 13:44 Salad Pasta 48:06 Eggplant Pasta 51:48 Tomato Cold Pasta ㅇ Snack 20:03 Carrot Egg Gimbap 09:46 Spicy beef Gimbap 22:36 Fish cake pepper Gimbap 12:05 Busan-style Tteokbokki ㅇ Brunch 16:05 Stir-fried Tomato Egg 44:10 Crispy Waffle 46:00 Banana Pancake 49:48 Egg scrambled sandwich ㅇ Soup, stew 25:12 Seafood tofu stew 26:55 Pork Backbone stew 30:33 Beef Yukgaejang stew 33:50 Kimchi Jjigae with Pork 35:52 Stir-fried Curry Chicken 59:00 Miso Jjigae ㅇ Year-end party food 41:45 Christmas Roast Chicken ㅇ Lunch box side dish 53:27 Kimchi stir-fried, Chicken breast cutlet 56:55 Braised anchovy, braised quail eggs, stir-fried dried squid Thank you all for watching! 📷 Instagram : www.instagram.com/hami.mommy 📷 TikTok : www.tiktok.com/@hamimommy (* I don't run a Facebook page. And I don’t use Telegram.) 🎧 Epidemic Sound : bit.ly/2Y0kZXM ( 1 month free ) 🎧 Artlist Music : bit.ly/2WnVnDx ( 2 months free ) * If you sign up through those link, I can receive small benefits.


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