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Title:Here's What a Tesla Model 3 Is Actually Like After 100,000 Miles

Sponsored: Go to brilliant.org/andyslye to sign up for free. Also, the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium membership Long-term Tesla Model 3 review after 4 years and 100,000 miles! Watch next ➡️ How My Tesla Can Outlive Any Gas Car: https://youtu.be/yuKDGdlgFQ4 🚘 BEST Tesla Accessories: geni.us/tm3accs 0:00 Tesla Model 3 After 100K Miles 0:37 Model 3 Enjoyment 5:49 Model 3 Reliability 8:50 Sponsor (Brilliant) 9:49 Battery Life 11:38 Cost of Ownership 🚙 Ordering a Tesla? Use my referral link: geni.us/t3sla MUST-HAVE Tesla Accessories: ▶ 10% off Tesla Floor Mats: geni.us/uQBj (Use code: ANDYSLYE) ▶ Model 3/Y Screen Protector: geni.us/Akha ▶ Wireless Charging Pad/Hub: geni.us/Jeda ▶ Console Wrap: geni.us/x2AA788 (Use code: ANDYSLYE15) ▶ Magnetic Phone Mount: geni.us/xaowi Tesla Cleaning Tools (Amazon) ▶ Waterless Wash/Wax: geni.us/yLqP7w ▶ Interior Cleaner: geni.us/uBxyl ▶ Dash Protectant Spray: geni.us/XPp9G ▶ Pressure Washer: geni.us/ZPDtW Useful Tesla Accessories: ▶ Spare Tire (Amazon) geni.us/BJKK ▶ Replacement Tires: geni.us/33Txdp ▶ Frunk Luggage Set: geni.us/vwVM ▶ Stats App: geni.us/Stats ▶ Geeky Tesla shirts & prints: geni.us/SFSF 🎥 My YouTube Camera Gear: geni.us/YTgear Camera Gear I Use (Amazon) ▶ Main Camera: geni.us/GH5body ▶ Main Lens: geni.us/Lumix1235 ▶ 4K Drone: geni.us/DJIM2 ▶ Gimbal: geni.us/sJc7Bb ▶ Tripod: geni.us/BJSxkx ▶ Monopod: geni.us/mqNjTT ▶ Action Cam: geni.us/Hero9 ▶ Camera Mount for Tesla: geni.us/60zs ▶ Microphone: geni.us/mics 💰 Get Free Bitcoin on CoinBase: geni.us/coinBase ⬇️ Stay up to date! YouTube: geni.us/AndySlyeYT Twitter: Twitter.com/slye Instagram: instagram.com/slye Even though it’s the slowest Tesla with just a single motor in the back, my Model 3 is still quicker than nearly every other car I come across while driving. I love only driving with one pedal for the majority of the time since the car automatically brakes when I let off the accelerator which not only helps feed energy back into the battery and improve range but it also prevents wear & tear. As much as I love software updates, as an owner I’m at the mercy of Tesla software engineers so the main downside is if a new software update changes things too much for my liking, there’s no way to revert back to the way it was. Autopilot (including automatic steering, accelerating & braking within its lane) have all been invaluable to me over the last few years since I drive way more than the average driver. Tesla Superchargers were one of the biggest reasons I bought a Model 3. That paired with Autopilot has made my Model 3 the best road trip car I’ve ever driven. My Model 3 battery has only lost about 2.2% of estimated range after almost 4 years and 100,000 miles which is incredible. For the same price I paid out of pocket, which was around $50,000, you can actually get a much better Model 3 now that has dual motor all wheel drive and about 50 miles more range than mine. Tesla has some of the safest cars ever made, and I’m a pretty safe driver so my cost for full coverage insurance is $125/month, and Tesla is rolling out their own insurance that is currently in a few states already. My local tire shop has given me free rotations as well so I’ve had good fortune with tires so far. There are certain things that mobile service cannot do, and it’s not uncommon for a Tesla owner like myself to have to travel 3 hours round trip just for service because currently Service centers are not as widespread as Superchargers. I love the Tesla mobile app which is so useful for controlling many aspects of the car and also seeing helpful information such as the current speed and location if someone else is driving the car. the Model 3 charge port door is the most finicky part of the car, and I wondered how well it would hold up over time especially in a climate that gets all 4 seasons like here in Louisville KY. I spent a total of $1,620 for all maintenance and repairs, and over half of that total cost was for an optional 2 year checkup and for something that all cars need at some point (tires). My off-peak electricity rate at home when I charge my car is 7 cents per kWh on average I’ll assume $60/year for Supercharging if I didn’t have free miles. If I didn’t have free Supercharging my total charging cost after 100,000 miles is just over $2,000, and it’s actually less than $1900 in reality. I’m saving about $10,000 every 4 years by avoiding gas and oil. And if I keep my Model 3 for 10 years, that comes to an estimated $25,000 in savings. As you can see, my Model 3’s cost of ownership is really attractive when compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. As an Amazon Associate & partner for other affiliate programs I earn from qualifying purchases


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