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Title:UFC 264 Poirier vs McGregor 3 Trailer (Godzilla King of the Monsters Version)

A trailer for UFC 264's Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier. Read below if you want an incredibly overblown reason why I made this video. First off, I am very proud to have made this. I've had not much time spent in Adobe Premier, and 10 hours to work with to make this, and as you can tell it shows. I would've liked to add some more sounds like crowd noises and Rogan and gang, but because of time and the reasons above, I did not get to it. But when I first watched the whole video completed, I found the music only to make me think a way about this video and what I interpreted from not only it itself, but from the fight too. I love MMA. I don't consider myself knowledgeable about the "lore," but I still enjoy and deeply appreciate the skill, the talent, the atmosphere, the community (sometimes), and perhaps most importantly to me personally, the stories. The legends. The tales. The "do you remember when's?" Of course this can apply to all sports. And that is completely fine. Hearing the video in full with just the music makes me think about the story and rivalry of Dustin and Conor. It makes me rethink about both their coming up before and after their first fight. It makes me think, "uhhh does anyone notice how almost too perfect of a situation we have?" I mean look at it. We have a guy who got his ass kicked in the first round my Conor, who went on to go on a silent crusade, and went on this absolute rampage through his respective weight class. (Silent crusade by my standard, as I did not pay much attention to Dustin's path leading up to the second fight). Then we have Conor, who moved on to be the face of sports for a little bit. Everyone knew the mans damn name, or at least heard of him, so yes, face of sports. He was the face of many different genres, and sometimes it could be for bad reasons as well. What I'm trying to say, is it was two young men, both so arrogant of what was to come to their future. Dustin pissed off all the time, got rattled. Conor, loud and played the crazy part, which Dustin (seemed to) believe. Dustin gets beat, but as years pass he gets better and better, beating out some high ranking names, and was even able to fight and compete with Khabib, a potential GOAT. Lost, but still. Conor, of course fought and won to be the first double weight class champ, and more importantly, make a metric shit ton of cash decimating opponents. Def not where he once was, but for sure still rakes in cash. Both guys were never up for discussion for a rematch, realistically at least. so the rematches were almost destined to happen... The rematches were meant to happen. Always was. Both men are each others rival. Goku and Vegeta type shit (Conor and Nate Diaz are Vegeta and Frieza of course) Dustin isn't taking shit anymore. He's wise, he's calm. He almost laughs at Conor. Hell, he even said "you can [trash talk] better than that." He is a true warrior now. Conor seemed much more calm in the second fight, but now he just seems almost offended that he lost? I don't know, the fight seems much more personal to him then he lets on. Read what I say and watch the faceoffs. ESPECIALLY the 2nd fight. You can just see they're still pissed at each other yet still have massive respect for each other. Even after 7 YEARS. They never even saw each other for 7 whole years in the same company. You can't make this stuff up. But yet it looks like they just saw each other yesterday when they met again. A once naïve now wise warrior vs the perhaps Fallen Prince, or maybe, the Rising Phenox? We'll see saturday... You see what I mean by this being almost to perfect of a story?? All material in the video belong to Zuffa and it's UFC corporation. I do not and will not intend on making any profit from this video. All rights and appreciation given to it's owners. Same for Godzilla trailer song.


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