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Title:The Writing Styles of TWICE

Hooray for Saturday uploads! A look at the writing styles of the TWICE members, from Page Two to Eyes Wide Open. Adapted from the long-form discussion of Maureen McHugh’s approach to pillar theory and subtext in writing. Long video, whoops.

0:00​ Writing Styles
2:24​ Chaeyoung
8:38​ Jihyo
16:19​ Jeongyeon
19:13​ Nayeon
21:45​ Dahyun
23:21​ Momo
25:14​ Sana
26:46​ Mina & Tzuyu


On screen translations provided by colorcodedlyrics:
Handle It – perfesian, Wozumo
Don’t Give Up – pop!gasa, Wozumo
Young & Wild – Sesamee_giraffe, Wozumo
Strawberry – pullava (at Onehallyu), Wozumo
Up No More – KosmoSub, Wozumo
Ho! – pop!gasa, Wozumo
Girls Like Us – pullava (at Onehallyu), Wozumo
Get Loud – LyricsTranslate, tsundere
Sunset – pullava (at Onehallyu), Wozumo
Love Line – pop!gasa, Wozumo
Sweet Talker – pop!gasa, Wozumo
LaLaLa – genius, Wozumo
Sweet Summer Day – KosmoSub, Wozumo
Rainbow – KDHSOURCE, tsundere
Make Me Go – Dejaboo
Queen – KosmoSub, seraphina
Bring It Back – KosmoSub, seraphina
Depend On You – perfecsian, Wozumo
Hot – pullava (at Onehallyu), Wozumo
Love Foolish – LyricsKpop, tsundere
Do What We Like –KosmoSub, Wozumo

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