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Title:Frontier Village - The Last Day (2014)

Extremely rare film of Frontier Village in San Jose, California. Frontier Village is a gone-but-not-forgotten charming regional theme park. In September of 1980 Carol and I went to the park several times during the last few weeks of its existence. We captured the very last day with Super 8mm Sound movie film on September 28, 1980. Everything you see here was happening for the last time at the park, including the popular gun fight. The production has been 34 years in the making! What set things in motion for me to finally complete the video was quality digitization of the Super 8mm Sound movie reels. My sincere thanks to David Manzo of the 'Lost California' TV series for accomplishing that. Set your computer or TV to the highest resolution it will allow (hopefully 1080p), sit back and enjoy! I hope you enjoy this jump back in time, many of us still miss the charming little park. In fact, in 2000 I created and premiered www.frontiervillage.net/, the Remembering Frontier Village website. That website resulted in annual Frontier Village fan/employee reunion picnics at Edenvale Park, for which I am extremely proud! If you enjoy the film, please feel free to explore my channel by clicking on my name above. Subscribers are welcome, I have many more films and videos to come! Appearances in Last Day 8mm film: 3:05 Time jump to September 28, 1980 3:36 Carol Stephens in striped top, entering turnstile. (now Carol Pedersen) 5:09 Bart Biaggi in blue shirt opening the car doors of Lost Dutchman Mine Ride 5:34 Stunt Show-The Fall Guys: Chuck Lowe, Randy Mitchell, Bill Perry, Yogi Bear (Mike K.) 8:35 Silver Dollar Saloon musicians-The Gaslite Gang: Kevin McCabe, Debbie Hartford-Weitzel, Bruce Jolly, Scott Hartford 8:41 Last gunfight: Marshal Tim Cole (wearing light beige and yelling at 'J.Lee.') 8:55 Fall Guy Chuck Lowe walks by in cowboy hat, helping with crowd control 9:05 Villian #1-? (red scarf & suspenders), Villian #2-? (in black, white scarf), Villian #3-? (in black, with eye patch) 9:15 Watching gunfight: Ed Hutton, President & General Manager (red name badge, holding cup), Joanie Schuller (to right of Ed), Larry Schuller, Director of Marketing (to left of Ed), Clyde Adamson (turned to his right), Bill Perry (with beard & cowboy hat) 9:53 filmmaker cameo (a few years prior to going veggie!)


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