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Title:Mira & Viola 1 [eng, french, german subs, ‼️ please read the description ‼️]

I've finally decided to translate Mira and Viola's story. Your comments motivated me to do this and I hope you'll enjoy the ride! I contacted FremantleMedia Finland Oy (the company who produces this soap opera) and they gave me permission to translate Miola's story. It's a relief that I don't have to worry about getting in trouble. However, the videos still have to be 2-3 minutes long because of Youtube. Mira and Viola's story is an enemies-to-lovers story set in Helsinki, Finland. They are a popular couple in a Finnish soap opera called Salatut Elämät (= Concealed Lives). The series premiered in 1999 and it's still airing. Viola (played by Vivi Wahlström) made her first appearance in 2015 and Mira (played by Olga Heikkala) in 2018. This scene is Mira's debut scene. It's going to take a while until they become a couple so please be patient. In addition, please be aware that the beginning of their story is rough because Mira bullies Viola. It's not gonna be easy but at the time of writing this description, they're together and in love with each other. Their story is still going on; it hasn't ended. Here is some basic information about the main characters: - Viola Helenius: A 16-year-old high school student. She has a mother and a grandfather. Her father committed suicide before she was born. - Mira Jokinen: A 16-year-old high school student who's very popular. She's also the Student Body President. - Nella Tamminen: Viola's best friend. Viola used to bully her but they became friends eventually. They are also kinda stepsisters because Nella's mother is dating Viola's grandfather. Nella's original actress is here in the first videos but Nella will get a new actress later on. - Severi Sievinen: Viola's boyfriend. Content warning for incest because Viola's grandfather is Severi's uncle. Severi is also related to Nella because his cousin is Nella's father. That's why he lives in the same house as Nella. - Benjamin Taalasmaa: Severi's best friend and neighbour. He's also Viola's ex-boyfriend. He left Viola because she wasn't ready to have sex with him. They're good friends nowadays though. I'll upload a few videos on Sundays (in the evening Finnish time). That's because I must concentrate on school and other things in my life. I hope you understand. Translating their story is a big project and I don't want to exhaust myself. However, I may be able to upload more frequently in March-July but I'll let you know then when I'm sure about it. Miola's story playlist: /playlist?list=PLK0gZfWGObXuL_BN3SXjfWNxa7UbdT3FD I'd really appreciate it if you spread the word and told others about Miola's story. I'm doing this for international fans after all so it'd make my day if I knew that people are gonna watch these videos and follow Miola's story. Comments are also appreciated, I'd love to interact with you! French & German translations by Miolafantasy (www.instagram.com/miolafantasy/) © Salatut Elämät (= Concealed Lives) belongs to FremantleMedia Finland Oy. I claim no ownership of these clips. These videos are here just for the entertainment for international fans who are interested in watching Miola's story. #miola #salkkarit #salatutelämät #violahelenius #mirajokinen #lgbt #lgbtq #sapphic #lesbian #wlw #lesbiancouple


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