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Title:The History of Númenor | Tolkien Explained

An overview of the Rise and Fall of Númenor! Living on the island that was a gift from the Valar to the Edain, this great kingdom of Men would prove a pivotal player in the Second Age. It is sure to be a primary location for the new Amazon Lord of the Rings on Prime series, and boasts some of the most dramatic stories from the time period. Today's video tracks Númenor's beginning under King Elros Tar-Minyatur - the mortal brother of Elrond. From there, we follow the story of these men as they help the elves of Lindon in the War of Elves and Sauron. I'll explain how the Númenóreans begin to turn their backs on the elves and Valar, until their island is finally destroyed after Ar-Pharazôn falls prey to the lies of Sauron. Hit subscribe - and the bell! Nerd of the Rings on PATREON: www.patreon.com/NerdoftheRings -------------- All content falls under fair use: any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. If your artwork appears and you are not listed here, please let me know! I want to make sure all artists are credited for their amazing work. To purchase artist work, check out these amazing artists! Jenny Dolfen - goldseven.wordpress.com/ Turner Mohan - www.instagram.com/turner_mohan Ted Nasmith - www.tednasmith.com/shop/ Jerry Vanderstelt - store.vandersteltstudio.com/main.sc Anato Finnstark - www.artstation.com/anto-finnstark White Ships from Valinor - Ted Nasmith Adunie - Greset David Numenor - Sarka Skorpikova The Edain - Wouter Florusse Until the world is broken and remade - Jenny Dolfen Imperial Numenorean Armour - Turner Mohan Numenor - Volodymyr Ivanitsky Nimloth - Rivkaz White Tree of Gondor - 1OSHUART Elros Tar-Minyatur - Liz Danforth The Eagles of Manwe - Pete Amachree Elrond and Elros Tar-Minyatur - Stardust Port of Numenor - Giovanni Calore Hillmen and Wolfdogs - Jan Popisil Numenoreans - Abe Papakhian Numenorean Armor Color - Turner Mohan Pelargir Docks - Emilio Rodriguez The Mariner's Wife - Turner Mohan Dunlending - John Howe Elves in Andunie - Matej Cadil Aldarion Returns From His First Voyage - Ted Nasmith Numenorean Guard - Luis F Bejarano Middle-earth Panorama (Pelargir) - Roger Garland Numenor - Inacio Henrique Sauron - Jean Pascal Leclerc Numenor - Izzi Elfs of the Last Alliance - Tiamatnightmare Eldalonde - Matej Cadil The Evil Runs Deep in Numenor - Oznerol Numenorean Tower - Greset David Armenelos - Skullb*st*rd Manwe Sulimo - Gustavo Malek Sunrise on the Colossi at Numenor - Kip Rasmussen Faithful Family, Inzilbeth and Inziladun - Juliana Pinho Miriel - Un Cheon Telperien - JB Mossa Ar-Pharazon - Nemanja Bubalo The Mighty Sauron - Toherrys Sauron the Deceiver - Toherrys Sauron Bows, Submits to Ar-Pharazon - Kip Rasmussen Annatar Chained - Nemanja Bubalo Sauron High Priest - Nemanja Bubalo Sauron High Priest Masked - Nemanja Bubalo Annatar - Alais The Treasure - Nele Diel Sauron and Ar-Pharazon - Janka Lateckova Ar-Pharazon - Steamey Ar-Pharazon - Clemence Annatar - Anastasiya Cemetery Sauron speaks to Ar-Pharazon - Marty Lionel Morgoth - Timo Bg Vihola Slave Inspection - Merlkir Ar-Pharazon - Edvige Faini Isildur and the fruit of Nimloth - Eva Zahradnikova Isildur Steals the Last Fruit of Nimloth - Sara M Morello Ar-Pharazon - Nemanja Bubalo Ar-Pharazon Old - Nemanja Bubalo The King's Counselor - Turner Mohan Numenor's Legion of Armenelos - Sam McKinnon Ar-Pharazon Defies - Paula DiSante Ar-Pharazon Armor - Clemence Morisseau Ar-Pharazon's Fleet at Umbar - Niwa Jongkind The Destroying Wave over Numenor - Kip Rasmussen The Fall of Numenor - Miriel - Rena Foxfairy The Drowning of Numenor - John Howe Lord of Mordor - Snow Monster Ships of the Faithful - Ted Nasmith Black Numenoreans - Jovan Delic Herumor Mouth of Sauron - Nemanja Bubalo Out Of The Sea I Am Come - Turner Mohan Battle of Minas Tirith - Andrzej Grzechnik Elendil and Sons - Abe Papakhian The Palantir - Morgen Bell Meneltarma - Peet Numenor - Eric Faure Brac Minas Tirith - Ludovic Bourgeois Arthedain Rangers - Wouter Florusse #numenor #tolkien #lotronprime


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