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Title:तेरी बांकी अदा ने ओ साँवरे मुझे तेरा दीवाना बना दिया || Gaurav Krishan Goswami || Vrindavan Vani

Gaurav Krishna Goswami is mostly known for his devotional lyrics and compositions in Hindi and Punjabi. The most popular is Radhe Radhe Barsane Wali Radhe/Braj 84 Kos Yatra, in 2006 it is said he had a dream where the divine force instructed him to come up with a way to allow those individuals, that may have physical restrictions or may not be able to be present to take part in this form of pilgrimage, to be able to do so. It was that very moment he conceived the idea of creating a virtual pilgrimage throughout braj by reciting the names of the places along with the holy names of the Lord, today known as "Maansik Braj Yatra". There have been many versions of this yatra since, and his concept has now been adapted by various artists throughout india. In addition to this his various musical presentations have been successful in bringing the youth closer to spirituality. Today he has more than 80 devotional titles to his name, of which Kishori Kuch Aisa Intezam Hojaye, Teri Banki Adaa Ne Oh Sanware, and Tere Phoolon Se Bhi Pyar are just a few to name.

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