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Title:Damon & Elena | Ever After (+8x16)

"I'm in love with a woman I can never have."

I can't believe this is the end. It honestly doesn't even register in my brain yet. I love this show so much, and I love Delena even more. It's hard to say goodbye. I'm so thankful to TVD, It always will be my favorite show - even though I know there are technically ones with the better plot, I hold TVD the closest to my heart.
I'm very happy with the ending. Damon and Elena are ENDGAME which is all I've ever wanted. They are both human, married with kids and that's all that matters to me, (although I still am holding on to the hope that we'll get to see that proposal).
Stefan's death was hertbreaking, but It felt right in a way. I am sad about Steroline, but you can't always have the best of both worlds.
Hope you enjoy this! I chose that song a couple of months ago alongside a sad one (in case producers screwed everything up), I'm happy I didn't have to use the second one for Delena. I'm not done with vidding them though. I got many more TVD videos coming!

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cts6y...
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13
Coloring: kindon18
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rhyssfeyree
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