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Title:Clint and Kate Bishop vs. Tracksuit Bros Car Chase Scene [Trick Arrows] [No BGM] | Hawkeye

Clint and Kate briefly teamed up to stop Maya Lopez and her Tracksuit Mafia goons. While escaping from the Mafiosos, they borrow an old car to escape from Maya and the tracksuit bros. Kate gets in the passenger side, and Clint is forced to drive off as the Bros take up the pursuit in their trucks. One truck pulls ahead, and Clint takes a side street and tells Kate that he's out of all but trick arrows. Kate opens fire and shoots a Putty arrow onto the windshield of Kazi's truck. Clint takes another side street and drives backward, and Kate fires an Exploding arrow into one truck's engine. Then, She shoots a Plunger arrow at random into Maya's windshield, and Clint swerves into a Christmas tree lot. Kate shoots an Octo arrow into Kazi's truck, and the lines snag nearby trees and pull them into the truck. Clint gives Kate Acid arrows from his trigger to bring down stoplights ahead, then swings the car around. Maya pulls up in her Challenger, and Clint and Tomas fight while Kate shoots a Smoke arrow into Maya's car. Clint pulls away while the blinded Maya drives into the side of the bridge they're on. He's forced to stop when cars are jammed up ahead, and the other Mafioso trucks head for them. Clint gets out and hands Kate a regular arrow, and the two of them shoot at the approaching trucks. Kate shoots up, and Clint shoots her arrow with his Pym arrow. The first arrow enlarges and comes down on the lead truck, and Clint gives Kate his USB arrow and tells her to cover him. Clint runs forward and grabs the Plunger arrow. Kate fires the USB arrow into Ivan's chest. Clint runs to Kate and tells her to follow me. They jump off the side of the bridge, and he fires a Grapple arrow fastened to his bow. Kate grabs the bow, and they swing under the bridge and onto the passing train. All the trick arrows: 1. Putty arrow: Covers the Tracksuits' windshield with purple putty. 2. Exploding arrow: Blows up the Tracksuits' van. 3. Plunger arrow: Sticks to the '72 Dodge Challenger, and later helps Clint and Kate climb onto the train. 4. Octo arrow: Pulls a bunch of Christmas trees onto the Tracksuits' van with rope lines. 5. Acid arrow: Melts through a stoplight. 6. Smoke arrow: Fills the Challenger with purple smoke. 7. Pym arrow: Makes an ordinary arrow grow ridiculously large with Hank Pym's tech (which allows Ant-Man to change size), wrecking the Tracksuits' van. 8. USB arrow: Distracts the Tracksuits so Clint and Kate can escape. This specific type of arrow previously appeared in "Avengers" and "What If…?" 9. Grapple arrow: Allows Clint and Kate to swing from the bridge onto the train. What do you think of the trick arrows? What about Kate and Clint teaming up? Does Clint need an assistant? Did you find any interesting facts in the scene? Do you have any suggestions or ideas? Share your opinion with the world in the comment section below. I put the video in 4K and removed the background music score to help you focus thoroughly on CGI and SFX. 0:00 | Clint and Kate Escape from Maya and Tracksuit Bros 0:26 | Clint Tells Kate that He Has Trick Arrows 0:38 | Kate Shoots a Putty Arrow onto The Windshield of Kazi's Truck 1:11 | Kate Shoots an Exploding Arrow Into a Bro's Truck 1:33 | Kate Shoots a Plunger Arrow Into Maya's Windshield 1:50 | Kate Shoots an Octo Arrow Into Kazi's Truck 2:05 | Kate Shoots Two Acid Arrows to Bring Down Stoplights 2:32 | Kate Shoots a Smoke Arrow Into Maya's Car 3:05 | Clint Shoots a Pym Arrow to Enlarge a Regular One and Comes Down on Kazi's Truck 3:50 | Kate Shoots a USB Arrow to Distract the Tracksuits 4:12 | Clint and Kate Jump Off the Bridge Shooting a Grapple Arrow Fastened to Clint's Bow 4:22 | More Scenes [The Original Show] Hawkeye | Season 1 | Episode 3 | Echoes Aired: December 1, 2021 Directors: Bert & Bertie Writers: Katrina Mathewson, Tanner Bean, Jonathan Igla Stars: Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Florence Pugh IMDB: 7.7 of 10 based on 111,493 users www.imdb.com/title/tt10160804/ © 2021 MARVEL © 2021 Disney Entertainment #Hawkeye #ClintBarton #KateBishop #MayaLopez #KaziKazimierczak #Ivan #Tomas


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