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Title:Brienz Switzerland Walking Tour | Discover the City in Detail

Brienz Switzerland Walking Tour | Discover the City in Detail. The municipality of Brienz with an area of ​​5492 ha is located on the shore of Lake Brienz (train station 566 m above sea level ) and at the foot of the Brienzer Rothorn ( 2350 m above sea level ). It stretches from the Brienzergrat in the north across the lowest point (lake level 564 m above sea level ) to the highest elevation , the Schwarzhorn ( 2928 m above sea level ) south of the lake and borders on eight neighboring communities and the cantons of Lucerne and Obwalden . Five Alpine meadows belong to the municipality: Rotschalp ( 1698 m above sea level ), Planalp ( 1544 m above sea level ), Hinterburg ( 1530 m above sea level ), Axalp ( 1706 m above sea level ), Tschingelfeld ( 1767 m above sea level). above sea level ) A measuring station of the Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research Davos is located on Rotschalp at an altitude of 1870 m above sea level. M The village lies mostly on the debris cone of the Trachtbach. After a catastrophe in 1870, its stream bed was paved. On the morning of August 23, 2005, the village was severely damaged by the 2005 Alpine flood through the Trachtbach and the Glyssibach . Two people were killed and there was extensive property damage. In the case of the Trachtbach, a protective dam was built above the village as a new protective measure, the bridge on the main road was rebuilt so that it can be moved seaward with chains, which massively increases the cross-section of the stream bed. It is planned to replace the upper bridge with a ford in the long term, in the meantime a temporary bridge with a higher passage has been built. The easternmost stream is the Lammbach. This stream buried Kienholz 10 meters high in 1499. According to the home book, no details are known. A total of 7 torrents used to threaten the village. The Bachtalen was even called "Brotbach": it kept flooding the street, so there was work and income to be had from the clearing. The Mühlebach with its striking waterfall last burst its banks on August 1, 1922. It swept away a road bridge and flowed through the railway tunnel. There are well-known avalanche paths in the municipality, in olden times a lot of forest was cleared. Again and again there were snow avalanches west of Brienz up to the lake, most recently in January 2021. [8] As in previous centuries, for fire safety reasons, smoking outdoors is prohibited when there is a foehn wind . Tourism and wood carving are of particular importance for Brienz. The tradition of carvings in Brienz goes back to 1816. At that time, a famine forced people to seek new employment opportunities. Skilled craftsmen such as Christian Fischer (1790-1848) knew how to combine the sale of wooden sculptures with increasing tourism. Filigree works of art were developed from objects of everyday use, which were successfully presented at world exhibitions in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Examples of wood carvings from Brienz are animal sculptures and objects with animal figures and the so-called Edelweiss furniture. [10] The School of Woodcarvingis the only institution in Switzerland where the craft of wood carving can be learned. It was founded in 1884 as the Schnitzlerschule Brienz . Since 1928 it has been a technical school and training workshop of the Canton of Bern. The Brienz School of Violin Making , founded in 1944, is the only technical school for violin making in Switzerland. The Briensermarkt takes place every Wednesday and Thursday of the second week in November. Its origins go back a long way, because as early as 1626 the people of Brienz received the high authorities' permission from the mayor and the council of the city of Bern to hold an annual market on Verena Day . A specialty is the square Brienz donut . It is filled with mashed dried pears and chopped walnuts and dusted with sugar and cinnamon. Brienz is on the Brünig Railway between Interlaken and Lucerne , which is operated by the Zentralbahn . Brienz is accessed from the lake by BLS Schifffahrt . The Brienz-Rothorn-Bahn runs from Brienz to the Brienzer Rothorn . The following routes are accessible from the postbuses : Brienz- Schwanden - Hofstetten , Brienz-Brunig , Brienz- Axalp . Brienz has had a connection to the A8 motorway (exit no. 29) since 1988. A settlement of the area by the Alemanni has been proven since the 7th century. Brienz was first mentioned in a document in 1146. The hamlet of Kienholz on the eastern edge of the village became a meeting place for Bern and the Confederates in 1353. [13] After an eventful history, Brienz became part of the canton of Bern in 1528. Elisabetha Grossmann , who became known as the “Queen of Boatwomen”, and the writer Heinrich Federer were born in Brienz. #brienz #switzerland #travel #walk


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