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Title:Money Is Show with Nellie & Bryce Jurgy

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Andrew Cordle is known for his entrepreneurial spirt, his passion for giving back, and his zest for educating others. He is passionately committed to finding those who possess a drive for excellence and teaching them how to find wealth and happiness. Through sound entrepreneurial business development and ensuring those he teaches find the right investment path for them, he has changed hundreds of lives across the country.

One of the core principles Andrew teaches is the game of money. He believes that once people learn how to play this game, they can begin having their money work for them, rather than work for it. After all, money is the common denominator of every entrepreneur, businessman, and investor alike. It’s the reason people get up in the morning and go to work. Money is needed to retire, travel, get out of debt, etc. Andrew believes that everyone has their own story and their own fill in the blank for, money is __, and it’s his job to teach them how to master the game of money and get their money working for them.

True to his heart's early dreams, Andrew is also continually working on giving back. He has partnered with nonprofits and missions around the world to help those less fortunate. He has assembled a group of like-minded business entrepreneurs who are currently working with him to build an orphanage for hundreds of unloved and unwanted children in India and Honduras.

Andrew has written an Amazon best seller book that has clinched a top spot in the marketplace. He’s been featured on some of the most prestigious publications, such as Forbes, CNN, Fox News, HGTV, and CNBC. He was offered an opportunity to host his own radio show where he has the privilege of interviewing top money gurus in the world. His trainings have become viral with a viewing in over 74 countries.


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