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00:01:28 1 Origins
00:07:22 2 Science
00:07:31 2.1 The term
00:10:56 2.2 Knowability
00:16:24 2.3 Facts and theories
00:22:53 2.4 Empiricism
00:34:30 2.5 Artificial intelligence
00:39:51 3 Discovery
00:40:01 3.1 Discoveries and inventions
01:02:08 3.2 Reproducibility
01:05:19 3.3 Rediscovery
01:09:11 3.4 Multiple discovery
01:12:49 4 Psychology of science
01:12:59 4.1 Nonconformance
01:18:19 4.1.1 Lichenology
01:21:21 4.2 Leadership
01:24:15 5 Sociology of science
01:24:26 5.1 Specialization
01:27:09 5.2 Mentoring
01:31:23 5.3 Collaboration
01:33:37 5.4 Politics
01:33:46 5.4.1 Big Science
01:36:55 5.5 Funding
01:37:04 5.5.1 Government funding
01:40:38 5.5.2 Private funding
01:43:02 5.5.3 Funding biases
01:52:45 5.6 Sexual bias
01:55:45 5.7 Sexual harassment
01:57:24 5.8 Deterrent stereotypes
02:02:59 5.9 Academic snobbery
02:06:23 6 See also

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"I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think."
- Socrates

Logology ("the science of science") is the study of all aspects of science and of its practitioners—aspects philosophical, biological, psychological, societal, historical, political, institutional, financial. The term "logology" is used here as a synonym for the equivalent term "science of science" and the semi-equivalent term "sociology of science".The term "logology" is back-formed from "-logy" (as in "geology", "anthropology", "sociology", etc.) in the sense of the "study of study" or the "science of science"—or, more plainly, the "study of science".
The word "logology" provides grammatical variants not available with the earlier terms "science of science" and "sociology of science"—"logologist", "to logologize", "logological", "logologically".


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