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Title:Hard Rock Cafe Himalaya 🇳🇵

■ NEPAL, HIMALAYA: I thought the American hard rock cafe chain was the real deal..... that was until high up in the Himalayan mountain range I discovered a cafe that goes by the same name, but the famous American restaurant chain, is actually built into a huge rock. That's right... the Himalayan Hard Rock Cafe is literally a cafe that is built into a hard rock. If you saw my videos from a few weeks back, you'll have seen me walk by the Himalayan Hard Rock Cafe starving... only to discovered that it was closed. That coupled with the fact that I never swam in the river at the highest point kept bothering the hell out of me after I'd returned to Kathmandu. It made me want to go back to complete my physical and culinary mission. Then as I started uploading my Himalayan videos... people from the Langtang mountain range started reaching out telling me how grateful they were for marketing their region and sending tourists back up their way. One of the people who wrote me runs a bakery in Kyanjin Gumpa. He mentioned he knew the owner of The Hard Rock Cafe that was closed when I did my trek. After giving her a call he told me she'd open the restaurant just for me. It was time to return to the mountains... ■ If you wish to contact Kartok Lama and visit her Hard Rock Cafe in Himalaya or her village, you can call her on: 984 988 1673 If you need a guide to take you up here, her sister's son can be reached on Instagram: go_himalaya ■ NEWS: One free rice beer on location at the Himalayan Hard Rock Cafe for everyone who likes this video 🙏 ■ Updates from the road on my instagram: www.instagram.com/HeraldoBaldieri


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