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Title:The NWR Stories: 1973

Gordon travels to the Other Railway to represent Sodor in a heritage gala, but finds something sinister behind the smoke and steam. Comprised of three segments, each based in a different decade, ‘The Modernisation Trilogy’ tracks the various tensions, trials and tribulations which afflict the Fat Controller and his famous engines as the tides of change crash against their rails… CHAPTERS 0:00 - The End of Steam 0:55 - 1973 1:49 - Arrival 3:13 - The Cathedral 6:11 - Demonstration Train 7:53 - Chatham 9:36 - The Order of Steam 13:21 - Chatham and Gordon 15:08 - Broken Buffers 16:10 - Off the Rails 17:47 - The Legacy of Steam 19:21 - End Credits Here we are, at the close of the decade, with the middle act of this story. I hope it brings some surprises and that you enjoy the journey dear Gordon goes on. A narrative like this has been bubbling about for some time. 1973 marked half a decade on from the end of steam on UK mainlines. The practice of preservation was in its infancy, marked up between the more significant finds of the National Collection and the smaller, downtrodden societies that fought tooth and nail to keep the spirit of steam afloat. The Reverend W. Awdry drew his stories to a close the year before with 1972’s “Tramway Engines”, leaving open a decade-long gap in the canon. Though I’ve never been too concerned with these blank spots, I loved the idea of diving into this no-man’s-land with one of the Reverend’s characters as our way in. This is a trip beyond Sodor in more ways than one, and I very much hope that I have managed to create a tale that suggests the various lessons, positive and negative, that were always present in the books. As always, this was a hugely-collaborative effort. The story is led by a collage of strong voice talents - Jake, Michael, Stuart and the rest. Each of them took something that, let’s be honest, is a little unconventional, and absolutely ran with it. Furthermore, our roster of new characters came to life on screen wholeheartedly thanks to the faces created by Haydn and Andrew. Thanks so much to the pair of you for putting up with nagging – and doubly thanks to Jake for composing the most wonderful score entirely off of his own back. Anyway, I’ve rambled on too long. Please enjoy, and I’ll see you for the next one. ‘The next one?’ I hear you ask? I’ll see you sooner or later for answers. George


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