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Title:Try Not To Cry - Inspectokros AU edition

Try Not To Cry Inspectokros AU edition. Here the AU’s 0:26 - Amanda was alone. For all her life. Sure, she had friends, but none of them made her really happy. When she thought she had found her happiness, it was just a huge waste of time and a disappointment. But then Liz walked into her life. The blonde was the missing piece in Amanda‘s life that filled the huge gap in her heart and made her life complete. 1:11 - Amanda and Liz were just about to drive to another con when something happened that everyone would have wanted to avoid. A ghost driver hit their car, it fling across the street and crashed into a building nearby. The people passing by were not hurt, but Liz and Amanda were. It was over. The two girls were injured to much to survive the crash. Scenes started to play in front of their eyes, showing the beautiful moments of their friendship. But not just they could see it, every other person who knew them and everyone who loved them were able to see those scenes. Nobody knew what was happening until everyone finally understood that Amanda and Liz died. Although the fans, family and friends knew it was over, the two astonishing girls will remain in their hearts for all eternity. 4:06 - One day, two beautiful young woman met and it changed their life forever. They started to become closer and their friendship bloomed gorgeously. But suddenly one of the two fell deep in love with the other. Amanda @akrcos only had eyes for her best friend and was forced to suppress those feelings to not ruin their friendship. Little did she know, that by every passing day it became harder to hide her true feelings. So while they got into a fight, Amanda accidentally confessed to Liz @inspectorlemoncosplay Things got awkward between them and when their friendship was starting to fall apart, Liz realizes what she has lost. So the blonde takes all her courage and confessed herself. The love between them grew and their bond became stronger. Fate made them stay together until the very end. 7:25 - Liz and Amanda are girlfriends and in love but somehow things don’t go as they would want to and they break up. But that doesn’t satisfy them either. Amanda and Liz crave each other. The love, the closeness. They decide to get back together because of the ‘habits of their hearts’. 10:53 - After three long years of a healthy relationship, the two girls, which were once so in love, began to distance themselves from one another. Slowly, they fell out of love. Days became harder and the fights got worse. Yes, it was manageable for both of them to live together. Since they still had a lot to settle, there wasn’t another option. But by each passing day, Amanda became weaker and her heart beat got slower until one day she passed out in her beloved one arms. Tho, after some time, Liz was sure that Amanda did not only passed out but died. Amanda‘s heart stopped beating while Liz’s started to beat for both of them. 11:09 - Road trips at midnight when the moon lights the way and the stars are shining upon you? Sounds great, am I right? Well, no. That road trip was the worst one ever. Suddenly, in the middle of an empty road, lights appeared. To be specific, the headlights of a car. Pretty normal so far. But that car was on the wrong side and hit the van Amanda and Liz were in. They crashed and everyone got seriously injured. Especially Amanda. She hit her head really bad and ended up being unconscious. Lucky that Liz was still able to call an ambulance, with shaking hands and tear stained cheeks, which arrived only half an hour later. They drove to the next town and brought everyone into the hospital where they were taken care of. Tho, turns out, Amanda lost all her memories. When the doctor informed Liz about it, she broke down in tears. Her heart shattered in a million pieces. How could her beloved Amanda loose her memories? Amanda didn’t even know that Liz existed at that point. The blonde didn’t know what to do. That was until the doctor mentioned that she could try and show her all the things Amanda once loved. There was a small chance to slowly get back all her memories. So, Liz did exactly that. She went to every place possible with Amanda. Showed her old pictures and played songs, Amanda used to love. One day, when Amanda found an old camera, she watched all the videos of Liz and her on it. Then it made click. Liz was her wife. They were on that road trip. The van and trip was a wedding gift. Amanda started crying. Liz searched everywhere for Amanda and when she finally found her, the brunette ran up to her, hugged and pleaded for forgiveness. Of course Liz accepted the apology. How could she not? After that day, more and more memories came back and Amanda was soon back to normal. Okay, I hope you guys enjoyed this and i plan to make a few more of those vids soon. Bye yall, ima get some rest now.


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