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Title:Thanks to Her | Full Short Film

**2021 Rising Voices Film Festival Award Winner

Millie Blake (AJ Molder), a high school senior soccer player, has her life turned upside down after an altercation with an out and proud classmate of hers, Andy Wellick (Julia de Avilez Rocha). As punishment, the two girls get sentenced to a month of community service at a local nursing home. As she begins to not only bond with two of the residents, Jade and Pepper, but with Andy too, Millie begins to understand more about herself and becomes more confident in who she is.

Directed by Sam McCoy and Sam Orlowski

Millie Blake - AJ Molder
Andy Wellick - Julia de Avilez Rocha
Jade - Brenda Marks
Pepper - Rita Gregory
Mrs. Blake - Amy Ellefson
Mr. Blake - Tom Mirth
Principal - Thomas Hammonds
Emily - Natalie Nankervis
Leah - Amanda Lee
Gracie - Cheyenne Springette
Coach Marra - Taryn Hart

I would like to take a moment to personally thank a few people for making this possible.
1. University of Pittsburgh’s Personalized Education Program that gave us the grant to make this film and tell this story.
2. John Cantine and Carl Kurlander for supporting the film through its production.
3. The entire cast and crew for stepping up and bringing the film to life in all it’s fruition. Julia and AJ, truly, you brought Millie and Andy to the screen in exactly the way I imagined them and I’m forever grateful for how much work you put in!
4. Everyone else in my life that offered support throughout the entire process, my friends and family and coworkers, I never would have been able to finish this without all of you helping me through it!

-Wanna shoutout Casey, for literally taking time out of her day to sit down with me and watch and help fine tune the film when I was freaking out over having to do everything myself!
-Anh and Sam for my millions of emails here during post production, helping me through figuring out how to color correct and color grade everything properly!
-Emma for pushing me with the story and script and everything from beginning to end!! Not letting me give up no matter what!

It’s been such a long road, but I’m so so so happy to finally show this film off to everyone! It means a lot to me, a story I really needed to tell at the time and a story I hope people want to hear! I hope I make even one person’s day with this, or even made a small impact on someone in any way with this and my job as a storyteller will be complete.

Credits at the end; Music listed at the end!


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