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Title:Vintage Cast Iron Casserole Pot Restored Using Fire.

Welcome back to another cast iron pot restoration. This video was inspired by you my viewers who commented that I should try and remove the rust with fire and use a wire brush for the detailing. I hope you enjoy the video. If you have any suggestions for improvement, or compliments share them below! Please leave a like if you did like the video, please subscribe and feel free to comment your thoughts and as always thank you for watching. Members Credit. Michael Joyce Ray Wood Michael Kelleher Karin Wallace Random Projects Tube WILD35 KSM Thank you all for your support! I appreciate all of you! Link for becoming a channel member. (less than 2 dollars) youtube.com/channel/UCkkj8VTmpWTU431qYX4_Svg/join In Asia, particularly China, India, Korea and Japan, there is a long history of cooking with cast iron vessels. The first mention of a cast-iron kettle in English appeared in 679 or 680, though this wasn't the first use of metal vessels for cooking. The term pot came into use in 1180. Both terms referred to a vessel capable of withstanding the direct heat of a fire. Cast-iron cauldrons and cooking pots were valued as kitchen items for their durability and their ability to retain heat evenly, thus improving the quality of cooked meals. In Europe and the United States, before the introduction of the kitchen stove in the middle of the 19th century, meals were cooked in the hearth, and cooking pots and pans were either designed for use in the hearth or to be suspended within it. Cast-iron pots were made with handles to allow them to be hung over a fire, or with legs so that they could stand in the coals. In addition to Dutch ovens with three or four feet, which Abraham Darby I secured a patent in 1708 to produce, a commonly used cast-iron cooking pan called a spider had a handle and three legs allowing it to stand upright over campfires as well as in the coals and ashes of a fireplace. Cooking pots and pans with legless, flat bottoms came into use when cooking stoves became popular; this period of the late 19th century saw the introduction of the flat cast-iron skillet. Cast-iron cookware was especially popular among homemakers during the first half of the 20th century. It was a cheap, yet durable cookware. Most American households had at least one cast-iron cooking pan. Popular manufacturers included Griswold, which began production in 1865, Wagner Ware in 1881, and Blackrock Foundry in 1896. The 20th century also saw the introduction and popularization of enamel-coated cast-iron cookware. Cast iron fell out of favor in the 1960s and 1970s, as Teflon-coated aluminum non-stick cookware was introduced and quickly became the item of choice in many kitchens. The decline in daily use of cast-iron cookware contributed to the closure of nearly all the iron cookware manufacturers in the United States. Many went out of business in the 1920s as seen in the List of cast-iron cookware manufacturers. Others were absorbed by other cookware manufacturers. Today, of the large selection of cookware that can be purchased from kitchen suppliers, cast iron comprises only a small fraction. However, the durability and reliability of cast iron as a cooking tool have ensured its survival. Cast-iron pots and pans from the 19th and 20th centuries continue to see daily use to the present day. They are also highly sought after by antique collectors and dealers. Cast iron has also seen a resurgence of its popularity in specialty markets. Through cooking shows, celebrity chefs have brought renewed attention to traditional cooking methods, especially the use of cast iron. In the 2010s, small startup companies began producing cast-iron cookware designs for specialty cooking markets.


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