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Title:Halloween Music Instrumental Fireplace - Halloween Ambience Background - Spooky Music

Enjoy a magical halloween music instrumental fireplace this autumn! Family friendly spooky music for relaxing halloween ambience music with a bubbling cauldron, rainbow flames and crackling fireplace sounds.
Non-repeating Halloween instrumental music for 35 minutes.
The witch cauldron, magical flames and cats were filmed, not CGI'd, which I would have no idea how to do. πŸ˜†
And if you're going to make your own dry ice cauldron this halloween, make sure not to use food gel coloring as it will just make the mist bubble and clump up like frog spawn! πŸ˜†
I hope you all enjoy this Halloween background!

This fireplace with only the crackling fire and bubbling cauldron is available on my apps and website.
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The Song list:
00:01 - Mysterious Forest by Howard Harper-Barnes
02:13 - Pandora’s Box by Arthur Benson
05:07 - Following The Stream by Jon Bjӧrk
05:38 - At Evenfall by Howard Harper-Barnes
07:42 - An Unfolding Story by Trailer Worx
08:08 - The Lookout by Jon Bjӧrk
08:39 - The Cemetery Dance by Jon Bjӧrk
11:02 - The Friendly Ghost by Arthur Benson
13:40 - The Wind Is Changing by Howard Harper-Barnes
15:46 - A Hoax by Mary Riddle
17:35 - They Vanished by Jon Bjӧrk
19:18 - Through Dark Gardens by Arthur Benson
21:28 - Small Mysteries by Leimoti
22:48 - Ghouls by Spectacles Wallet And Watch
25:00 - Scary Stairsteps by Stationary Sign
27:18 - The Christmas Thieves by Leimoti
28:38 - Ghost of the Hour by Mike Franklyn
29:26 - For What We Know by Trailer Worx
30:26 - Calcifer by Jon Bjӧrk
32:10 - An Awful Finding by Spectacles Wallet And Watch
33:54 - The Haunted House by John Abbot

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Thank you for watching!

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