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Title:Every Cameo YOU should EXPECT during She-Hulk!

Stay updated not Outdated with Influenced La merch! bit.ly/iflamerch Subscribe to stay updated, not outdated! - bit.ly/influencedla TIMESTAMPS: 00:58 - 1:40 - Ben Grimm "The Thing" 1:40 - 2:18 - Ghost Rider 2:18 - 2:41- Kingpin & Echo 2:41 - 2:51 - The Tracksuit Mafia 2:51 - 3:15 General Ross 3:15 - 3:42 - Val 3:42 - 4:11 -Shang Chi 4:11 - 4:30 - Honorable Mentions (Jimmy Woo & Sharon Carter) 4:30 - The Punisher Whats up everyone! Influenced LA here and today we have our predictions for every cameo we expect to see during Marvel Studios upcoming Disney Plus series She-Hulk. The Series premieres August 18th, and one of the main reasons for the building anticipation has been the interviews by the cast and crew hyping up that the show will feature a ton of fun unexpected cameos. With Wong and Freaking Daredevil already showing up in trailers, this series looks like it could bring in any of our beloved MCU heroes. So we went ahead and put together a list of potential names that could show up during She-Hulk. But first if you could like this video and subscribe, we are doing a special giveaway once we hit 1,000 subscribers. We will be revealing what the special prize is during D23 weekend, so make sure to comment on what you think it might be, and the more videos you leave comments on will give you a better chance to win! Now kicking off our list of potential cameos we could see in the She-Hulk series, is a frequently rumored one at the moment and that is Ben Grimm better known as “The Thing” from the Fantastic 4 will make his MCU debut in this show. It was heavily rumored that Jason Segel had been casted as Ben Grimm and was all set for the She-Hulk series, however, those reports started to cool, once it was revealed “The Thing” may not have been casted yet. Either way, this type of show would be a great first way to introduce Ben Grimm if Marvel chose to go that route. With the Fantastic Four movie coming out in about 2 years, and it reportedly not set to be an origin movie, it leads many to believe that we will start seeing the characters debut in other projects leading up to the movie, and She-Hulk being the first stop on that road. If we don't have “the Thing” debut, then maybe another debut is in the cards for Marvel. Our next prediction to appear in She-Hulk is Ghost Rider. For years fans have clamored to see the stuntman Johnny Blaze make his way into the MCU, and it appears She-Hulk may finally be the time. With deep comic book connections to other characters who have recently debuted in the MCU, it makes more sense than ever to bring in Ghost Rider now to eventually team up with his fellow midnight sons brethren. One of the She-Hulk trailers showed a book titled “Johnny Blaze,” So the clues and hints may even be there, but we will have to wait and see if Ghost Rider Finally rides into the MCU. A couple names we are keeping an eye out for as well are the likes of Kingpin and Echo. Coming off the heels of the events that took place in Hawkeye, one would think there is a lot of legalities to tackle around those two characters, and with Daredevil already confirmed for this show and the upcoming Echo series, the trio may start their intertwining story by clashing first in She- Hulk. But of course if no KingPin, we at least want to see the tracksuit Mafia make their way back onto our tvs. No way you do a show about law and crime without including the Tracksuit Mafia bro! A potential cameo being overlooked by many would be if General Thaddeus Ross showed up, but given all this ties to the Hulk character it’s almost expected he will show up at some point. With the unfortunate passing of actor William Hurt who played the general Ross character since 2008, it's unclear how Marvel Studios will proceed going forward, but one more appearance by Ross in the series should not be ruled out. And off the heels of a potential Ross appearance, we should also expect a cameo by Valentina Allegrade Fontaine or better known as Val, as she continues planting the seeds for the inevitable Thunderbolts team we will see formed in the next few years. Could she potentially even try to recruit She-Hulk to her team? Would certainly be an interesting storyline to follow, but one thing is for sure, if Val shows up, you know business is about to pick up. Another cameo we are keeping an eye out for is actually based on the fact he was in a post credit scene with both Bruce Banner and Wong, who are both appearing in this series. And that cameo is none other than Shan-Chi, with maybe some legal trouble going on with the ten rings organization, or maybe he and Wong just wanna karaoke again. Whatever the case, it would be cool to see Shang-Chi show up in She-Hulk.


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