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Title:Chant of the Mystics: Divine Gregorian Chant "O filii et filiae" (2 hours)

➡NEW: 24/7 Sacred Choir & Chant Radio: https://youtu.be/qQe7fVXR-XE ➡NEW: Chant of the Mystics 24/7 (🌧 Rain Ambient): https://youtu.be/5DhDoBf9STU Traditional gregorian chant "O filii et filiae" (15th century), sung by roman-catholic monks. Instrumental and arrangement by Patrick Lenk. ▸O Filii Et Filiae 2 Hour Instrumental Version: https://youtu.be/KAY-gPOlcK4 ▸O Filii Et Filiae 2 Hour Acapella Version: https://youtu.be/V2ZWIVMY82A Background Picture: bit.ly/catholic-monk-praying-bench --- ♫♫ - I have a GIFT for you (Limited Time Only and worth 240$/year): Go to audiosanctum.com/, sign up for the free newsletter and receive a LIFETIME FREE ACCOUNT once this heartfelt audiostreaming website of mine goes live! At AudioSanctum you will listen to lifechanging music, learn about the scienctific deep effects of sound & voice and even start earning a monthly passive income if you share our content to the world. This offer only is available only until we go live in 2020! Enjoy! --- 🎵| Check out our new Sacred Choir & Chant Ambient Music Channel Audio Sanctum: → /channel/UCy5b97iZkxbOHGQImNS66_A ❤ Become my monthly Channel Supporter: youtube.com/channel/UCuEGJ2eBN6wz8VnVK3T6JCQ/join ❤ Become my monthly Patreon Supporter: patreon.com/patricklenkmusic ❤ Single Donation: www.paypal.me/patricklenkmusic ❤ Monthly Donation: www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=52NUJUEG68… ◎ CDs: patricklenk.com/cds ★ Newsletter: patricklenk.com/newsletter If you resonate with my work, sign up for my newsletter, where I send an email every one or two months to all interested people about new music, some thoughts I have and projects I am working on? It would be amazing to connect there with you: patricklenk.com/newsletter ♫ Full Album: patricklenk.bandcamp.com/album/chant-of-the-mystic… ▸ Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/2qC4Bmql2h9K6UwNQ50jHT ▸ Apple Music: geo.music.apple.com/us/artist/patrick-lenk/1482128… ▸ Amazon: amzn.to/2pcMrE5 ▸ Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/patricklenkmusic ▸ Deezer: www.deezer.com/de/artist/75429752 ▸ iHeart: www.iheart.com/artist/patrick-lenk-33462080 ▸ Napster: us.napster.com/artist/patrick-lenk ▸ Tidal: tidal.com/browse/artist/16994869 ▸ Pandora: tidal.com/browse/artist/16994869 CDs will be available soon. If you want to be notified once they are available, please send an email via patricklenk.com/use-music-contact. Chant Source: Wikimedia Commons (commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:O_filii_et_filiae_…) --- ∞ My Equipment (Affiliate Links) ∞ Software (DAW): amzn.to/2GO7JAe Microphone: amzn.to/2ZBeADU Keyboard: amzn.to/3hp2FyX Interface: amzn.to/2FgNc7i Speakers: amzn.to/35vQb6h Headphones: amzn.to/2Zt3ErR Mic-Stand: amzn.to/3hloy28 Camera: amzn.to/2ZvEFnS Motherboard: amzn.to/2RjKUqj CPU: amzn.to/2DVq8Kq GPU: amzn.to/35wfiG9 --- ▸1 Hour Patrick Lenk Gregorian Chant Compilation: https://youtu.be/9KGGts6WXsg Chant of the Mystics Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2GWd... Orthodox Chant Playlist: /playlist?list=PLo7j_tYDFySIeADxV0ZO2l5WESYIVTX6k --- Want to use my music in your video? Please go to patricklenk.com/use-music-contact and follow the steps.


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