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Title:Awaken Your Inner Love, Magic & Intuitive Powers | 963Hz + 528Hz Angel Love Frequency | Calm Music

Awaken Your Inner Magic, Intuitive Gifts & Clarity Of Purpose | 963 Hz Angelic Love Frequency | Music To Heighten Your Consciousness & Feel Free | Calm Healing Miracle Music Welcome, Beloved Soul💗 We present this calm, beautiful, and soul healing 963 Hz music to assist our listeners in awakening their inner magic, love, intuitive gifts, and clarity of purpose. Relax and feel the rising energy of love heal your body, mind, and soul. Allow this music to gently carry you home to your natural state of love, joy, and inner peace. This content can be used for meditation, manifestation, prayer, sleep, or any healing rituals. Read more about 936 Hz below. 💗 Powerful I AM Affirmations to assist you deeper 💗 This is a planet in transition. A new earth is being born. An earth nested in loving kindness, compassion, justice and unity consciousness. I am part of co-creating this new earth into reality. I am awakening to my highest potential. I surrender to my soul purpose that lies within me. I allow my soul purpose to unfold naturally. I trust in myself. I trust in the Universe and the Divine intelligence that runs through all of life, including me. I trust the guidance I receive every day. I follow my inner voice towards my destiny and highest good. Within me is where I will find the truth of who I am, and why I am here. I am diving into the depths of my heart and innermost desire with curiosity and joy. I am using my sacred breath to become present in my temple body. I am safe in my own body. I allow my Divine Soul to awaken within my Temple Body. I am honoring my human journey. I am integrating all that I am - I am Human and Divine. I am Feminine and Masculine. I am Light and Dark. I am heaven and Earth. 💗 Repeat for 21 days to experience astonishing results 💗 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✨💗Download our music for unlimited offline listening💗✨ selfhealingcollective.com/download-audio/ ✨🌸Royalty-Free Music Chillvibration.com🌸✨ We run a Royalty-free music store Chillvibration.com where we upload the music we post here on our YouTube channel Self-Healing Collective as Royalty-free songs. With a royalty-free license, you can use our music in your next guided meditation project, as background music on your own YouTube channel, for your podcast, video game etc. You can buy royalty-free licenses to our music at Chillvibration.com: chillvibration.com/shop/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Solfeggio frequencies make up an ancient 6-tone audio scale that is said to date back to biblical times and carry divine-like properties. In recent times, each frequency has been found to carry a specific set of healing, wellbeing, and spiritual benefits that it affords the listener. These include DNA repair, relief from past traumas, and opening the soul to spiritual experiences. We tune all of our music in the miracle tone, 528 Hz. This song has added 963 Hz. 528 HZ, also known as the miracle tone, is the frequency that is thought to help return human DNA to its original state, removing impurities. 936 Hz represents a return to oneness and awakens you to a perfect state of being. It’s related to the crown chakra that connects us to the entire universe. 🌸 Learn more about the healing Solfeggio frequencies🌸 selfhealingcollective.com/hea​... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read More: INFO ON PRAYER: selfhealingcollective.com/pra​... INFO ON MEDITATION: selfhealingcollective.com/med​... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHO ARE WE? We at Self-Healing Collective have a deep passion for music, spirituality, prayer, mindfulness, nature, healing, and creativity. We wish to inspire and create a peaceful and safe space here on Youtube for self-healing, spiritual growth, prayer, meditation, and divine connection through our music and visual content. What we wish for you: Inner peace, healing, positive growth, purpose, understanding, and connections. What we believe in: The love of God, Power of the mind, spirituality, growth, oneness, meditation, wisdom. What we stand for: Empowerment through self-healing and that all of us have great power within. What we support: Everything that promotes health, personal, physical, and spiritual growth. What we care about: The evolution of our people and the direction we are going collectively as a species. We wish to assist the earth in raising the collective vibration. We care about and love the planet that is our home. We support you on your path of self-discovery and growth. Our spirit greets yours. Infinite love to all, Christine & Hanne


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