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Title:Nepal Street Food: $0.20 Samosa vs. $0.80 Chow mein 🇳🇵

■ NEPAL, KATHMANDU: My favorite food in the whole world, as far as taste is concerned, is that of India. Seeing as Nepal is right next doors, expectations were thus sky high as far as the local food is concerned. The hotel I'm staying didn't do much to put a dampener on said expectations either when the receptionist stated upon check-in that; Nepalese cuisine is identical to that of India. Yaay! This was going to be swell I thought. So I ordered a Butter Chicken to my room right then and there. I ate it but wasn't impressed. So out I ventured to try the restaurants. I walked into one of the most highly rated on Tripadvisor and whilst not horrible, I wasn't impressed. I therefore decided to go for the Nepalese street food options. However Saturday being a holiday here, the once that caught my attention were all closed. So it wasn't before today (which is Sunday) that I finally was able to try some authentic dirt cheap Nepalese street food. I decided to go for two dishes. The first, Chow Mein. Whilst not quintessentially Nepalese (it's not) I was highly impressed. So impressed in fact that I decided to go for another dish this street food stall had on offer: Samosa! But which was better? The Chow mein or the Samosa? ■ Liking the videos you watch help increase their reach on YouTube 🙏 ■ NEW INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/TheNorthmanReturns


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