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Title:Breast Cancer Survivor Story | Doreen DiSalvo

Doreen DiSalvo is a breast cancer survivor. This is her story. Doreen was diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer in 2017. Watch as she shares her story from diagnosis, through chemo, surgery, radiation, and into recovery. She also shares her insight on dealing with hair loss, working through treatment, and how treatment affects your emotions. [ Click "CC" for captions. ] 0:12 What were your first symptoms? 1:14 How did you find out it was cancer? 3:18 How did you react to the diagnosis? 4:51 What was your experience with chemo like? 8:19 What was the hardest part about being treated with chemo? 9:29 How did you deal with the hair loss? 13:39: Can you talk about the preparations for surgery? 16:27 What was radiation like? 18:31 You chose to work through treatment? 19:57 Is there a message you want people watching this to hear? Find the rest of her story on www.ThePatientStory.com ___ Background: The Patient Story turns in-depth interviews from recent cancer survivors into a FAQ format-story along with timelines to give newly diagnosed patients and caregivers a sense of what their lives may look like in the upcoming months. Hear straight from the people who've already been through it. TPS (formerly OneDavid) was started by Stephanie Chuang, a non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivor, who wants cancer patients and caregivers to get the information they need in a human way, not with medical jargon. Visit www.ThePatientStory.com for more. If you would like to share a story, give feedback, or just say hello, we'd also love to hear from you! Please write us at support@thepatientstory.com. ___ A message from our founder: My name is Stephanie. In 2013, I found a story that touched my heart: a group of friends were fighting to raise awareness about bone marrow donations for a young woman who'd been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. It had spread to her brain. Nina was in dire need of a bone marrow transplant. She's of Asian descent, which narrowed her odds of finding a match (fewer people of the same race and ethnicity registered to donate). The good news: she found a donor! The wife and mother of two is living happily. I couldn't be happier. The "odd" news: I was diagnosed with the same cancer, same sub-type just three years later. That motivated me to create The Patient Story: a company to help cancer patients and caregivers by giving them real answers from real people - people who've actually been through the experience. Find more at www.thepatientstory.com Where it all started: https://youtu.be/8VDIjwO9Smg


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