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Title:Magisterial Lectures | Olivia Anne M Habana, PhD - Finding the Prehispanic Filipino Woman

In this lecture, Dr. Habana dives into unlikely sources for a look into Filipino women's lives in the early days of Spanish colonization. Olivia Anne M. Habana, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor at the Department of History, School of Social Sciences, at the Ateneo de Manila University. She finished her Ph.D. in Philippine Studies at the University of the Philippines in 2009. She has co-authored a series of textbooks in English and Filipino on Philippine, Asian and World History for the High School Level. Current research interests are the history of colonial childhood and the history of education in the Philippines. She is also part of the Ateneo Social and Cultural Laboratory, doing work on public and tourism history. The full learning packet (transcripts, slides, etc.) will be available on arete.ateneo.edu/connect/magisterial-lectures. The Magisterial Lecture series is a collection of selected talks from Ateneo classes, delivered by some of the University’s most respected faculty members. They are produced and shared for the benefit of learners everywhere. Magisterial Lectures will be available on Areté’s YouTube channel for free. Magisterial Lectures is an Areté Production done in partnership with The Department of Communication, Loyola Schools and the Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Multimedia Communication. About Us: As the creativity and innovation hub of the Ateneo de Manila University, Areté provides the space and freedom for groups from different fields and persuasions to create, collaborate on, and share knowledge, skills, and practices. Follow us on social media! facebook.com/AreteAteneo instagram.com/AreteAteneo twitter.com/AreteAteneo


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