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Title:Sooty and Co. Episodes & Intro Theme Song | Soo + SWEEP

What's your review of the Sooty and Company intro theme song and episodes with Soo and Sooty? [OPEN FOR LINKS AND FACTS!] #Sooty #Sweep #SootyandCo Izzy wizzy let’s get busy! Is this one of the ultimate nostalgic 90s kids’ TV shows? Sooty is an adorable puppet! I'd love to know your review and reaction to this! Scroll down for more information, or head to IMDb or Wikipedia!

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Amy McLean

Created by Matthew Corbett
Starring Matthew Corbett, Brenda Longman
No. of series: 6
No. of episodes: 90
Running time: 20 minutes
Production company: Sooty Films, Granada Television, Cosgrove Hall Films (Opening sequence only)
Original release: 6 September 1993 – 14 December 1998
Preceded by The Sooty Show
Followed by Sooty Heights

Sooty Intro Lyrics:
Hey! Ho! It's Sooty & Co.!
Everybody say "Hello"!
There's Sooty and Sweep,
a panda called Soo,
and Little Cousin Scampi, too!
They'll be fun galore
With the terrible four
Just you wait and see
It's Sooty and Company!

Cast and Characters:
Matthew Corbett
Brenda Longman voice of Soo
Richard Cadell guest presenter
Liana Bridges guest presenter
Little Cousin Scampi

The show has been released on VHS and DVD. Episodes include the following:

Series One (1993)
1x01 Moving In
1x02 Bubble Trouble
1x03 Scrap Idea
1x04 Buddy Jolly
1x05 Canal Capers
1x06 Staff Training
Guest starring Connie Creighton
1x07 Sooty's Magic Solutions
1x08 New Friends
Guest starring Rod, Jane and Freddy
1x09 World Of Fun
1x10 Clocks Galore
Guest starring Shahid Malik
1x11 Splashing Out
1x12 Soo To The Rescue
1x13 A Magical Voice
Guest starring John Bird
1x14 Bun Fight
1x15 Camping Out

Series Two (1994)
2x01 Sooty’s Elastic Tricks
2x02 Sony + Trap
2x03 Chaffinch
2x04 Kennels
2x05 Soo's Spring Cleaning
Guest starring Gordon Burns (voice)
2x06 Home Alone Sweep
2x07 Speedy Sweep
Guest starring Jonathan Dow, Gareth Hunt
2x08 Sweep's Little Accidents" 24 October 1994
2x09 Breakdown
2x10 The Gift
2x11 Shop Keeping
Guest starring Ken Morley, Brian Murphy
2x12 Soo's Babies
2x13 Fun Park
Guest starring Connie Creigton
2x14 A Sweeping Visit From Sweep's Family
2x15 Dog Trouble

Series Three (1995)
3x01 Driving Lesson
Guest starring Derek Deadman
3x02 Clowning Around
3x03 The Documentary
Guest starring Christopher Biggins
3x04 The Stain Remover
Guest starring Connie Creighton
3x05 Treasure Hunt
3x06 Talent Night
Guest starring Jim Bowen
3x07 Races
3x08 Can-Can
3x09 Extinguishers
3x10 Dig This
3x11 Loadsa Money
3x12 The Visit
3x13 Sherlock Sooty
Guest starring Tim Whitnall
3x14 Recognition Factor
Guest starring Jeremy Beadle

Series Four (1996)
4x01 Water World/New Water
Guest starring Larry Dann
4x02 Dear Diary
4x03 Time & Emotion
4x04 Shopping/Inheritance
4x05 Uncle Stuart
4x06 The Way We Were
4x07 Buy Buy Everybody
4x08 A Pain In Spain
4x09 Dafta Awards
4x10 Tidy Box
Guest starring Paul Zerdin
4x11 Matt Alone
4x12 Squatters
4x13 Sooty Market Sweep
Guest starring Matthew Kelly
4x14 Highland Fling
Guest starring Tom Cotcher
4x15 Sooty's Christmas Panto
Guest starring Neil Buchanan, Shane Richie, William Roache

Series Five (1997)
5x01 The Great Race
5x02 Surprise Surprise
5x03 Shopshape
5x04 Mr Mastermind
5x05 Missing You Already
5x06 Read All About It
5x07 Snackaravan
5x08 Luck of the Irish
Guest starring Miles Anderson
5x09 Think Big
Guest starring Frank Bruno, Paul Zerdin & Sam
5x10 Councillors
5x11 Magic Mayhem
5x12 Blind Date
Guest starring Hilary O'Neil as 'Cilla Black'
5x13 Twins
5x14 Stars in Their Eyes
Guest starring Jack Dee
5x15 Sooty And Co's Christmas Special/Fun in the Snow
Guest starring Brian Blessed, Tim Bartholomew, Code Red

Series Six (1998)
Richard Cadell and Liana Bridges both appear in some episodes.
6x01 Sherlock Sooty Rides Again
6x02 Estate Agents
Guest starring Harry Hill, Bruce Jones, Georgia Taylor
6x03 Health Risk
6x04 Mouse Loose In The House
6x05 Now You See Him
6x06 Birthday Boy
6x07 Psychic Soo
Guest starring Russell Grant
6x08 Pulling The Wool
Guest starring Windsor Davies
6x09 Lie Down With The Dogs
6x10 What Can The Matter Be?
6x11 Nature's Way?
6x12 Come On You Blues
6x13 Delgrub
Guest starring Graham Cole
6x14 Rocky 1, A Prisoner for Heights
6x15 Matt Remembers
Guest starring Gerry Marsden

Learn With Sooty episodes: Be Safe! Start to Read! Have Fun with Numbers! Simple Science! A-Z of Animals! Down on the Farm! Simple Words and Sentences! Times Tables!


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