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Title:МХИТАРЯН - безумный КЛОПП | 20 млн € от АНЖИ | конфликт с МОУРИНЬЮ и угроза ЖИЗНИ

Zhenya Savin got to Rome - the city where the local AS Roma is tightly squeezed into the ancient squares and antique statues. All for the sake of meeting with the top Armenian football player - Henry Mkhitaryan. Why was Mourinho angry with him? Why did Klopp embrace him into moving to Borussia? How much did he think over the unlimited contract from Spartak Moscow? How did Zlatan go to an Armenian restaurant and how does it feel to be a national symbol?

Savin also traveled to Armenia and Switzerland and exclusively showed the Mkhitaryans' family house. Mom, uncle and sister revealed the truth about Henrikh's 'home version'. He attended Spartak matches with his grandmother; he enjoys doing crossword puzzles on airplanes, had Raiola at his wedding ceremony, and energizing morning walks around Yerevan. When the status of a European top star does not interfere with being an ordinary and open guy, and a dream and development are valued more than big money.


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