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Title:Every UPSC Aspirant Must Watch This Story | @Abhijeet Y | Josh Talks

Download Josh Skills App: joshskills.app.link/R3cz6MTJhib Take the first step towards success with courses like Spoken English, Personality Development, Time Management, Public Speaking & Personal Finance. No matter how well you plan your preparation for the civil services exam, the fear of failure and self-doubt will always creep in. Then, how do you fight it? In most cases, you might have to continue preparing for the exam for more than a year and that too with the same amount of hard work and dedication. How do you keep the motivation alive and in full force throughout? In this Josh Talk, Abhijeet Yadav - a YouTuber & Entrepreneur, talks about his experience of 6 attempts for UPSC and how getting a rank twice after clearing the interview, didn't ensure him of getting into any service. He shares his struggle of making the relatives and even parents understand why he didn't get any service even after clearing the interview. He kept his motivation high by remembering why he started this journey in the first place, which he believes is the most important question one needs to ask himself before stepping into anything. Today, he is a proud entrepreneur who is working towards enabling educators with essential tools. Contributing to the field of education has always been his dream and the impact he was able to create through the medium was beyond satisfaction. Know more about Abhijeet Yadav on: Instagram - www.instagram.com/abhi.why/ Website - www.pensil.in/ #JoshTalks #UPSC #CivilServices Josh Talks passionately believes that a well-told story has the power to reshape attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world. We are on a mission to find and showcase the best motivational stories from across India through documented videos and live events held all over the country. What started as a simple conference is now a fast-growing media platform that covers the most innovative rags to riches success stories with speakers from every conceivable background, including entrepreneurship, women’s rights, public policy, sports, entertainment, and social initiatives. With 7 regional languages in our ambit, our stories and speakers echo one desire: to inspire action. Our goal is to unlock the potential of passionate young Indians from rural and urban areas by inspiring them to overcome the setbacks they face in their career and helping them discover their true calling in life. ►Josh Talks Facebook: www.facebook.com/JoshTalksLive ►Josh Talks Instagram: www.instagram.com/JoshTalksLive ►Josh Talks Twitter: www.twitter.com/JoshTalksLive Josh Talks is closely monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak. As the situation continues to change rapidly, our top priority remains the health, safety, and well-being of our community. When you’re travelling, you’re likely to come into contact with more people than usual, which could increase the risk you’ll come into contact with the virus. Consider carefully your need to travel if you have underlying health conditions that may put you, and others at greater risk. If in doubt, consult your doctor. Remember to regularly wash your hands, avoid social interaction, practice respiratory hygiene and if you face any symptoms of the virus, seek medical help immediately. Disclaimer: The information contained is of a condensed and general informational nature only and can change from time to time. Stay updated about COVID-19 here: www.who.int/emergencies/disea... -----**DISCLAIMER**----- All of the views and work outside the pretext of the video, of the speaker, are his/ her own and Josh Talks, by any means, does not support them directly or indirectly and neither is it liable for it. Viewers are requested to use their own discretion while viewing the content and focus on the entirety of the story rather than finding inferences in its parts. Josh Talks by any means, does not further or amplify any specific ideology or propaganda.


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