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Title:Slugterra EP 21-30 πŸ”₯ MEGA COMPILATION 3 πŸ”₯ Full Episode Compilation πŸ”₯ Cartoons for Kids HD

Slugterra EP 21-30 πŸ”₯ MEGA COMPILATION 3 πŸ”₯ Full Episode Compilation πŸ”₯ Cartoons for Kids HD
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A mysterious slugslinging master appears for the first time in 20 years. Though old, this slinger is an amazing battler β€” incredibly fast and the master of an unstoppable slinging technique. Eli, Kord, Trixie and Pronto all want to study with the master and learn this awesome move. But so does Dr. Blakk’s protΓ©gΓ© Twist! Now Eli must face off against Twist and prevent the master from choosing a villain for a student.

Blakk has hired Brutale β€” a thug as brutal as his name β€” to build a Deep Water Rig to drill for Dark Water at the bottom of the Cavern Sea. Needing some water-breathing labor for the job, Brutale steals Marvolio Drake’s reptilian pirate crew. Desperate to get his men back, Drake forms an unlikely alliance with the Shane Gang, who are just as desperate to shut the Dark Water rig down.

Using some stolen Shadow Clan tech, Dana Por is able slip in and out of any cavern in Slugterra β€” and rob them blind! But when she makes the mistake of stealing from Dr. Blakk, Eli is the only one who can protect her from The Gentleman, a suave but deadly mercenary Blakk hires to take back what was stolen from him β€” and bring back the scalp of the girl who stole it!

Lumino cavern is under attack! A swarm of Neurotox ghoul slugs have created a massive toxic cloud that’s attacking the residents. The Shane Gang must brave an inescapable maze called the Cavern of Time to locate Blite, the only man who knows enough about regular Neotox slugs to help them stop the cloud created by the ghouls. Just a few problems with that plan: Blite is a deadly maniac, whose reign of terror ended only after Will Shane trapped him in the Cavern of Time. All these years, Blite has been dreaming of getting revenge on the Shane. So Eli better be ready!

Eli and Kord have been trying to create a fusion shot: two slugs shot at exactly the same time that can merge their powers! But they’ll need to mod Eli’s blaster to handle it. In search of the one missing part that will complete Eli's Double Barreled Blaster, the gang journey to the Scrap Heap, a junk yard cavern of epic proportions. Finding the part isn't easy. Getting out with it alive past Boss Ember and his Scrap Force is nearly impossible.

When Eli and the Shane Gang find themselves trapped in the Deep Caverns underneath Slugterra they discover a whole new type of danger threatening to escape. Allowing it past the barrier would mean unprecedented peril β€” not only for Slugterra, but our world above too!

Armed with his powerful new weapon the Gatling Blaster, Blakk's unstoppable battle train threatens to run roughshod over all of Slugterra β€” unless Eli can master his new Double Barrel Blaster and come up with a powerful fusion move in time to stop it.

The Shane Gang find themselves competing in the Slugball Championship β€” a rough and tumble cross between hockey, slugslinging and rugby β€” with deadly random obstacles thrown in for fun! Eli suspects the rival team is cheating, but he's going to have to prove it first... that is if he can survive the game!

Locke and Lode have run roughshod over a cavern and The Shane Gang aim to kick them out. But the townspeople have their own hero to clean up the town β€” none other than the King of Sling, a pompous Slugslinger the gang has bested on a number of occasions. There is no way he'll survive against two of Blakk's minions, but Eli can't intervene without humiliating the king! So the Shane Gang decide to work behind the scenes to make the king victorious. That is until Dr. Blakk himself arrives.

The Shane Gang's been captured by the zombifying Mr. Saturday! Locked up in Stalagmite 17, they are helpless as Dr. Blakk begins the trip there to collect them. Only one hope remains… the two members of the Shane Gang Saturday didn't capture: Pronto and Burpy. Can this mismatched pair pull off an impressive prison break?

Eli Shane is determined to be the greatest Slugslinging hero of all. But in order to defeat the forces of evil, he must collect, train and duel with little critters called slugs, which transform into powerful magical beasts. Eli and his crew explore the caverns, challenge rivals and one another to friendly duels, and upgrade their gear in their underground world. But there is a threat to Eli and the slugs -- Dr. Blakk wants to transform the slugs into feral mindless weapons. No one has been able to stand up to Blakk's army of henchmen ... until now.


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