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Title:Ashish Chanchlani On YouTube Growth Hacks, Bollywood & Career Inspirations | The Ranveer Show 30

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In today's #TheRanveerShow​ episode, we feature star YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani. Standing at a colossal 15.7 MILLION subscribers, he is one of India's all-time great YouTube stories. What began with a phone shot Instagram videos has resulted in an empire that clocks 10 million views per video, multi-lakh brand deals & an entire ecosystem of YouTube channels built around him. In today's candid podcast, Ashish takes us through his career journey, his YouTube growth hacks & his childhood inspirations. A big chunk of the episode is all about the content pieces that had a deep impact on Ashish while he was growing up - his favorite directors, favorite movies, favorite cartoons, and favorite TV shows. We've also spoken about aspects like what the next 10 years of YouTube are going to be about, so if you're a young content creator, I believe you'll particularly enjoy this episode! India's YouTube sensation Ashish Chanchlani on The Ranveer Show.

00:00​ - Introduction
02:09​ - Business Acumen and being a “Sindhi”
02:55​ - Ranveer’s next 10 years
03:58​ - Being a YouTuber and reaching out to people
04:42​ - Idols in Ashish’s Life
06:10​ - Breaking Comfort Zones
06:46​ - Movies in Bollywood: Present & Future
09:44​ - Ashish’s top 5 mind-****ing movies
11:08​ - Ranveer’s top 5 mind-****ing movies
13:44​ - Ranveer’s Top 3 Impactful Movies
14:22​ - Ashish’s Top 5 Impactful Movies
18:01​ - Ashish Chanchlani’s Untold Story
21:10​ - Future of YouTube Content
22:05​ - Ashish’s Future
24:10​ - Ranveer’s and Ashish’s Content Perspectives
26:10​ - Christopher Nolan’s Attention to Detail
26:44​ - Yoga and Science Fiction
28:54​ - Christopher Nolan’s Movies
30:22​ - Future of Comedy in YouTube
31:55​ - Following your Instinct for Generating Content
32:45​ - Ashish’s Video Creation Process
35:33​ - Bitching and Judging people
36:35​ - Ashish’s Top Cartoons
38:49​ - Ranveer’s Top Cartoons
40:31​ Anime Movies
41:41​ - Future of Ashish’ Career
42:24​ - 3 Blessings from God
44:04​ - Ashish’s Mistakes in recent bad video
45:41​ - Ashish Chanchlani As a Brand
46:32​ - Current Pressure In Life
47:42​ - Ashish Chanchlani’s Ecosystem
51:02​ - Ashish’s Strengths
53:00​ - Dealing with Toxic People
54:34​ - Keep Re-Inventing and Take Risks
55:48​ - Ashish’s way of Re-inventing
56:44​ - How Engineering Impacted Ranveer’s Life
59:21​ - YouTube’s Current scenario
1:01:30​ - Ashish’s YT career when he crossed 1M Subscribers
1:02:57​ - Advice for YouTubers
1:04:30​ - Ashish’s Business Advice

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