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Title:The Best GLEN CAMPBELL Interview EVER! 1991 "LATER with Bob Costas" HDTV (THE FULL SHOW! Parts 1&2)

ORIGINAL UPLOAD 2016 ~ Remaster. Re-edited & HQ into 1 video! LATER w Bob Costas 2-part 1991 Interview. From the #1, original source of ALL Glen Campbell classic videos! ~ "Phoenix Rising - The Glen Campbell Archives" (The Diamond Mine collection)... *For more first run rarities & all that is Glen, 1) "Like" THE NEW ~ www.facebook.com/TheOriginal20thCenturyGlenCampbel… (The FIRST Page ever on Glen Campbell) 2) "Join" ~ www.facebook.com/groups/TheFirstOfficialGlenCampbe… (The FIRST Group ever on Glen Campbell) 3) & subscribe to Classic Glen's You-Tube channel at youtube.com/channel/UCSuzrrG89MHk3DBTEBHeA8Q… (The FIRST exclusive Glen Campbell You-Tube Channel) 4) and visit www.facebook.com/Glen-Campbells-First-Unofficial-M… (The FIRST Museum on Glen Campbell) "When the Singer's gone, let the song go on." What I wrote to the FBGroup about this... The Best GC interview EVER Period...And you can tell Bob Costas did his homework, and so did I. Took me a while to get this one right... I had uploaded this 2 years ago in 4 parts on the old "Diamond's In The Rough" channel back when I was unable to post as a whole (had to be in 7-8 minute sections) PLUS, the Copyright Cops were all over it wanting their 2 cents which was really a joke...so this time I cut them out & replaced in 1 instance. 2 song publishers placed a copyright lean for 10 to 20 seconds of a song snippet (for Gentle On My Mind & Light Years of all tunes) & Mac Davis Music tried to throw a monkey wrench at it because 9 minutes into the show is the "intro" where a broken-up (edited 3 times in 30 seconds) "Everything a Man Could Ever Need" is played, so I took it out and added "Here & Now" which is a public domain tune...and actually "fits" BETTER in lyrics with the collage of Glen & is unbroken (unedited)! I had to upload the 40 minute vid 3-times to get it "cleared" ( about 3 wasted hours total ). I also tweeked the picture & helped the sound. Now some of you know I'm dealing with an old computer that's frankly a pain-in-the-neck so it doubles the time! For one thing the keyboard is out of whack and I actually have to use other avenues just to type the letter "g" or "h"...I mean if I'm ever on Wheel Of Fortune and have to pick a letter, it'll be 1 of those 2 cause they're in everything! lol. So when somebody Messages me, I'm like damn, because it takes forever to type unless I happen to be on my phone...but my birthday's comin' up so... ;-) SO, ENJOY THIS!~ Bob asks intelligent questions, staying away from the same-o boring generic questions of most interviews I've seen over the years. To the people who just don't get why Glen truly belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, WATCH THIS INTERVIEW!!! Then you will know why "Glen Campbell Should Be In The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!!" ~ Diamond


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