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Title:21 At Hotel w/ Vince! Goes at it with her BD then slip and tell what state she going to! 😫

21...21...21! She has everyone's attention about her being on the run, fearing what might possibly be a felony warrant for allegedly slapping the CPS worker who was in her house when she got home. She feels justified saying she had no permission being in her house. The tricky catch to that is, your neighbor was in your apartment and let the cps worker inside. You came home to find the CPS worker in your house...and was drunk and slapped her, according to 21's own words. But if CPS knocked on the door and someone inside allowed her in the apartment, she had permission to come in if she was allowed. That's a tricky situation cuz she was allowed in altho 21 wasnt there to agree or disagree. The other angle is, 21 or the kids wasnt there, as the neighbor was reporting to the CPS worker...so really their was no harm or foul. 21 being drunk over reacted when her neighbor checks on her apartment for her when she's gone cuz at that time, 21 had no key to her own apt and always left home with the front door unlocked, she admitted on a previous live.. So how mad can you get when the CPS worker didnt break into your apt or forced her way inside? She was allowed in.. Anywho,The Detriot Bad girl is somewhere at a hotel with a dude named Vince.. She jokes around with him but check herself pretty quick when he asks her "What you say?". So she chilled out. Why u cudnt do that when you was with Pastor P the other day, instead of acting a total crazy azz...for no good reason??? Well during this live her Baby Daddy, Sada Baby done got him a Bigo Account and pops up on her live! 😂😂😂 Can it get any better?? They go at it- of course! Not much love lost there! lmao.. But he claims their disabled child lost noticeable weight while under 21's care. Now we dont know if that's factual or not but that sounded very concerning! At some point The Bad B*tch who suppose to be flying outta state tryna duck the law...wasnt suppose to reveal what stay she was headed to so nobody could snitch on her...but fuks around and say she on her way to ATL 😂😂😂😫😫😫 Oh God! So now she claims shes changing air flight directions and going somewhere else! Well yall let's pray for 21. Its a lot, a whole lot going on with this loose cannon! 😁 And I'm shocked and low key impressed her fans are Cash Apping 21 money to be a fugative on the run! Crazy as we might see it, we cant knock her if her fans willing to send her cash money to cover her every expense! Hell, im jealous atp! lol! But let's see where this goes. All I can say now is RUN 21 RUN! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ Thanks for watching! Yuh 👌🏽 PLEASE..LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE To My YouTube Channel! ✔


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