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Title:Aesthetic Amazon Finds (WITH LINKS) part 2 tiktok compilation

Hello my loves! (LINKS BELOW) ---------------------------- Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial: amzn.to/3I77JFC Prime Free Student 6-Month Trial: amzn.to/3q6LklM Try Audible Plus 30-Day Free Trial: amzn.to/35SdDNX ---------------------------- Here are some more aesthetic amazon finds for those of you that like cottagecore, fairycore, goblincore and maybe princesscore/royalcore. Idk, either way I hope you find this helpful. This video is not sponsored but some of the links are affiliate links and I may earn a small profit on qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to yourself. Since Christmas is coming up this could also function as inspiration for what to put on your wishlist/buy for someone else. Let me know if I missed something, Have a lovely day and stay hydrated xx 0:00 Mushroom Lantern amzn.to/2Zj79nL Ivy (14pcs 98 Ft) amzn.to/3cR59WT Ivy (36pcs 236Ft) amzn.to/2ZrgLwM 0:27 Butterfly Hair Clips amzn.to/3oSWzN7 0:40 Dagger Scissors amzn.to/3CM72Pl 1:05 Cottagecore Dresses Dress 1 amzn.to/3oZOZjX Dress 2 Not Available :( Dress 3 amzn.to/32tPY4d Dress 4 amzn.to/32jSh9O 1:26 Puzzles (There are many different ones but here are some) Spirited Away amzn.to/3xjRiSk My Neighbor Totoro amzn.to/30Seco2 Kiki's Delivery Service amzn.to/3nJLpuL 1:39 Mushroom Growing Kit amzn.to/3l2dWd2 Alternative: amzn.to/3FDdAkY 2:05 Bedroom Strawberry Bedding amzn.to/3HSbHTH Curtains amzn.to/3xtR9fo Cloud Keyholder amzn.to/3ldCVdQ 2:21 Teapot amzn.to/3xHiTgR 2:44 Flower Pillow amzn.to/2ZtIixL 2:50 Fairy Light Curtain amzn.to/32u1rRj 2:58 Streamer amzn.to/3l6kzLv Corset amzn.to/3nqZ4a4 3:13 Ocarina amzn.to/3CKOJtF 3:26 Cottagecore Decor (Vintage Scrapbook Kit) amzn.to/3FGLqpp 3:56 Renfaire Outfits Dress #1 amzn.to/3lyZ5aD Peasant Skirt amzn.to/3nTq9CS Bodice amzn.to/3CZ8k9R Dress #2 amzn.to/3laovuY Dress #3 amzn.to/317seC3 4:11 Wax Seal Kit amzn.to/3DRfXQI 4:55 Hair Scarf amzn.to/3DPUXKb Alternative: amzn.to/3cNH17u 5:07 Sticker Book Antiquarian amzn.to/30XbayR Bibliophilia amzn.to/3FHgp4x 5:22 Butterfly Top amzn.to/3DQ0OPF 5:30 3D Butterfly Decor amzn.to/30XTymA Multiple colors amzn.to/3oWg2wj 5:41 Cloak amzn.to/3xocVAZ 5:53 Dress amzn.to/3cLpZXE 6:08 Teapot amzn.to/3l4eA9V Butterfly Pea Tea amzn.to/3l7ln2U Smol Ice amzn.to/2ZlD1bo 6:35 Butterfly Claw Clips amzn.to/3DV72hs 6:42 Corset Dress amzn.to/317seC3 6:49 Moon Mirrors amzn.to/3xk5Otm Mushroom Lanterns amzn.to/2Zj79nL LED Lights amzn.to/3cKOQuX Galaxy Projector #1 amzn.to/3HSQokL Galaxy Projector #2 amzn.to/3r4IP4B (I linked 2 bc idk which type they have) 7:20 Picnic Basket (not same brand bc not available anymore) amzn.to/3l7ZFvq 7:47 Froggy Hat amzn.to/3CRxxCX Froggy Hat w/ Froggy Stickers amzn.to/3cM20I9 7:53 Rose Garden Tea House amzn.to/3laMBpg 8:10 Dress amzn.to/3nT8zz1 8:22 Heart Pillow amzn.to/3oYIzBu Heart Mirror amzn.to/3rg8Eik Candle Holders amzn.to/3rfu2nC Bedding amzn.to/3nWhZti Heart Shaped Box amzn.to/3HYrBfm Satin Hangers amzn.to/3D0mmb0 Sunglasses (red) amzn.to/3p8CHWe Sunglasses (black) amzn.to/3FVyyf1 8:36 Mushroom Light amzn.to/3lcZf7f 8:49 Crowns #1 amzn.to/3DXQN3a #2 amzn.to/2ZuBhwx #3 amzn.to/3r9BJMe #4 amzn.to/3FVzCj1 #5 amzn.to/3lgptFM #6 amzn.to/3oZbhC4 9:00 Pearl Light amzn.to/3lax0G3 9:15 Butterfly Clips amzn.to/3p8c0ky 9:36 Fairy Lights amzn.to/3DTskfm 9:53 Mushroom Neon Sign amzn.to/3l74zJq Another Unrelated Bonus bc I think it's really cool 10:04 Harry Potter Remote Control Wand amzn.to/30XSpM9 Disclaimer: :) All the creators are credited in the video, please go and support them if you enjoyed their content! (: This video is not sponsored but some of the links are affiliate links and I may earn a small profit on qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to yourself.


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