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Title:Kara & Lena : their story [2/2] | Supercorp | Supergirl [5x01 - 6x20]

CONGRATS TO THE CW ON PULLING OFF THE GREATEST QUEERBAIT IN HISTORY 🎉 honestly, screw the network 😤 can someone sponsor me a trip to the cw studio so we can commit arson together? 5. years. of. queerbait. wow. they could’ve just made it clear from the start they weren’t gonna pursue this ship but nooooo they had to queerbait us for years to gain views, paralleling so much supercorp scenes to canon couples, throwing a love story arc for Lex and Nyxly in what? 3 episodes? NO ONE ASKED FOR THAT U ASSHATS. Supercorp has been there for 5 SEASONS. This is just an insult to the whole fandom, which probably makes up 90% of the show’s viewers pretty sure every arrowverse heroes found their partners at the end of the show but Kara didn’t just because her soulmate was a woman? fvck y’all homophobes. face it, we all know if Lena was a dude, they’d be married and have kids by now Kara, THE MAIN LEAD OF THE SHOW, has made it clear throughout the show MULTIPLE TIMES that she wants a perfect partner at game night by her side. In the end she couldn’t get the ONE SINGLE THING SHE WANTED ALL HER LIFE. literally every other character in the show got their partners in the end except Kara and Lena. Dansen, Brainia, J’onn & M’gann (honestly surprised they even remembered M’gann after she just disappeared into thin air after 6x06 💀) they couldn’t even give us the bare minimum - a Korrasami ending WHAT WAS THE POINT OF ‘you’re the only person in the galaxy i know would do right by it’ , ‘i don’t wanna be alone anymore’ , ‘you protected me from losing my humanity, you always do’ , ‘you don’t have to be afraid, i’m right here and i’m not going anywhere’ , ‘if i go to National City, i can be the Luthor who shares her home with a Kryptonian’ , ‘Supergirl may have saved me but Kara Danvers, you are my hero’ , ‘i promised myself that i would never trust anyone again and then i met you’ , ‘if we were partners, we could change the world’ , ‘if you want to end Supergirl, you’re going to have to go through me’ , ‘i won’t let you turn this into a suicide mission, i can’t’ , Kara trying to alter the timeline just to get Lena back, Lena willing to risk the lives of hundred thousands of people just to get Kara back from the Phantom Zone I MEAN ARE YOU BLIND??? JUST LET THEM BE TOGETHER ALREADY GODDAMNIT (these are just what i can think of at the top of my head, actual list is definitely longer) this whole show is just a 🔥 dumpster fire 🔥 showrunners, you missed your chance to give us the greatest slowburn in history and supergirl’s legacy will forever be queerbait. GOOD JOB 👏 the ‘final battle’ was a total joke. Bringing back old unnecessary characters to fight the final battle when the battle was won by the villains defeating themselves… what even is this crap i will say though, we won when they had hotdog man come back for 3 lines and to say that he’s never coming back to this timeline. GREAT WRITING HERE, EVERYONE CHEERED WHEN THAT SCENE AIRED 😘 hate this show, hate the non-existent plot for the main character in the final season, hate how the series finale felt more like a mid-season finale love the characters, love the actresses, love the fandom 💗 SUPERCORP IS OURS NOW AND THEY’RE ENDGAME. ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY’RE NOT CAN KINDLY FVCK OFF THANK YOU. they’re canon and living their best life together also, thank you to the person who “leaked” the supercorp kiss on twitter 🥰 I love the chaos that occurred today, SUPERCORP KISSED trending on twitter with over 80K tweets, news media outlets publishing articles on how fans were furious at the “deleted supercorp kiss” 😂 istg this fandom is so funny and powerful. It’s been a wonderful and stressful journey clowning with y’all, love to all of you 💓 CREDIT TO THE PERSON WHO EDITED THE SC KISS ON THE THUMBNAIL @ Cath_Mellrk on twitter still have the urge to edit more supercorp but we’ll see if my lazy ass is willing to actually start them lmao Anyways gonna go listen to Red (Taylor’s Version) on repeat to heal my wounds🧣 (or to open them deeper lmao) Show : Supergirl Ship : Supercorp / Karlena Characters : Kara & Lena 💗 Songs : Hazy by Fortune Head Above Water by Olive James Darkest Night by Tony Anderson Beginning of the End Movement V (Extended) by The Newton Brothers Fear of the water by SYML Meant to Stay Hidden by SYML Where’s My Love by SYML Symmetry (dark version) by SYML #supercorp #karadanvers #lenaluthor #karazorel #karlena #melissabenoist #katiemcgrath #supergirl #supercorpendgame #fanvidfeed #viddingisart Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use


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