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Title:Chloe & Elly - Spoilers del 26 al 30 de Agosto

Monday 26 August
Finn is elated when Toadie reveals the DPP has finally determined Alfie's assault claims to be false. The ankle bracelet comes off, leaving Finn and Bea eager to enjoy the wider world as a couple. But Chloe swiftly turns their romantic, celebratory brunch into a double date with her and Elly, insisting to Elly that everyone needs to try and get along for the sake of the baby.

Elly is hardly thrilled and Finn has his own reservations, especially when Chloe dials up her baby enthusiasm. Pierce comes across the foursome during their double date and Chloe, eager to show Pierce how well she and Elly are going, calls Elly her girlfriend. Elly's startled by the title and reminds Chloe she's still figuring out what this relationship means for her and the baby – she needs them to take things slowly.

Chloe agrees but is left concerned that once the baby comes, the time Elly has to explore her relationship with Chloe will vanish.

Tuesday 27 August
Bea worries that Elly is not as into her relationship as Chloe is. Elly defensively insists everything is fine between them, while Chloe fears she and Elly are not on the same page. Chloe makes the gut-wrenching choice to break up with Elly now before things get too complicated. Shocked, Elly protests but ultimately can't argue against Chloe's concerns. It's bittersweet as the pair resolve to remain friends and end their romantic journey.

Sad and heartbroken, Chloe rallies herself to join in on Mark's birthday celebrations at the Back Lane Bar. She runs into Pierce, who genuinely feels for Chloe and the tough decision she has made. Pierce sticks around, hoping to pull Chloe out of her funk and David and Aaron watch the interaction with interest.

They point out to Chloe how compatible she and Pierce are, and while Chloe doesn't feel at all ready to move on from Elly, she turns thoughtful. Is there still hope for Chloe and Pierce?

At the same time, Elly makes plans to spend an evening with Bea and listen to the music she's working on. However, those plans are cut short when Finn interrupts and asks Bea to help out with the Foundation. Bea drops everything and is apologetic to Elly, who is privately annoyed at Finn.

Elly vents to Susan and Karl, concerned that Bea is wrapped around Finn's little finger and too willing to do what he wants. Karl and Susan aim to soothe her, claiming Bea is in the early stages of love, but Elly isn't satisfied. Her reservations about Finn and Bea still plague her.

Thursday 29 August
Following her break-up with Elly, Chloe becomes a heartbroken cliché, bursting into tears and confining herself to her room with only Netflix and chocolate for company. Pierce clocks her hurt and admits to Amy that he wants to help Chloe out of her slump, but he's aware he's not the right person to help her given their history.

Later, Amy presents Chloe with a voucher for an extravagant shopping spree, which successfully gets Chloe out of the house. But Chloe quickly realises Pierce must've been behind the idea and is grateful for his friendship. Pierce is relieved to be getting closer to Chloe again.

Friday 30 August
With the wounds of their break-up still fresh, Chloe and Elly struggle to navigate a new normal. Elly continues texting and organising outings for the pair, intent on maintaining their friendship, but to Chloe, Elly appears to be acting as if their relationship never happened.

Trying to push past her hurt, Chloe takes Pierce up on his invite to a movie premiere. Looking forward to a night of glamour, Chloe dresses for the red carpet, only to learn Pierce has lined up something way more low-key – the moonlight cinema, complete with bean bags and a cheese spread.

As they laugh off the misunderstanding and settle in, their usual chemistry comes alive, making it difficult for Pierce to remember they're just friends. He sees Elly's constant texting is causing Chloe anguish and Chloe confides her complicated feelings about the break-up.

Pierce hates that Chloe's in pain and feels compelled to enlighten Elly as to the effect she's having. He runs into Elly at Lasstiers late at night and confronts her, unaware that Susan and Karl have already been telling Elly how she should handle her break-up.

Elly's sick of unsolicited advice and their exchange quickly becomes heated. Pierce storms off and as an emotional Elly walks up the stairs, she slips and falls on her tummy.


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